pickled capsicum

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Also Known as
Capsicum Achar

Pickling a vegetable is the best way to preserve at its prime. Pickling has been practiced in some form or another for thousands of years. Soft-skinned vegetables such peppers are placed in special brining solution containing vinegar, salt, water, various peppercorns and spices.

How to Select
Capsicum Pickle is readily available in markets, and it can also be made at home. To make at home, select the firm textured peppers. Avoid bruises or any rotten part. If purchasing it from the market, check the manufacturing as well as the expiry date, to guarantee the freshness of the pickle. In addition, make sure the bottle is well sealed.

Culinary Uses
" Pickled or marinated peppers are frequently added to sandwiches or salads
" They add spicy and mouth watering flavour to curries, breads and sandwiches. It can be spreaded on chapatti or Parathas and rolled and eaten. It makes a delicious and nutritious snack.
" Pickles are often served as a "side" to various meals.

How to Store
Achar must be periodically stirred, and when someone wants to eat some, stir before dipping from the top of the jar. The pickle is very shelf stable, especially when stored in a refrigerator. Commercially produced Achar intended for retail sale is sometimes mixed with preservative compounds to ensure that it will be safe to eat, but the acidic environment of a home made Achar keeps most bacterial growth at bay.

Health Benefits
Pickled capsicums are natural and excellent appetizers and it also promotes good digestion..

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