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It is a concentrate made from pineapples. Fresh pineapple juice is mixed with sugar and cooked to the desired consistency, cooled and then bottled. It is yellow in colour and has a peppy, sweet-and-tangy taste. A refreshing drink can be made by mixing pineapple crush with water and ice. Pineapple crush is made in bulk in factories, bottled and sold in stores. You can readily buy a bottle from a nearby store, to make an instant drink whenever you wish. You can also make it at home and store it in glass bottles in the refrigerator.

How to Select
• Pineapple crush is readily available in stores, labelled clearly.
• Check the label for the date of manufacture and expiry.
• Choose a brand that has less of chemicals and additives.

Culinary uses
• It is used to make a refreshing drink, instantly.
• Can be mixed into mocktails and cocktails.
• Pineapple crush can also be used for making desserts like cakes, mousses and sundaes.

How to Store
• Store at room temperature if unopened.
• Once you open the bottle, refrigerate it for up to 3 months or as per the instructions mentioned on the label.

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