powdered peanuts

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Also Known As

Ground Peanuts, Shing bhukkha, Powdered singdana.


For preparing powdered peanuts, first shell the peanuts and roast them on a heated pan. Allow to cool. You can them powder them using a mixer grinder, if the recipe calls for finely powdered peanuts. If you want coarsely powdered peanuts, using a manual hand pressed grinder (khandni-dasta) would be advisable. The powder is cream in color and tastes purely of roasted groundnut. It can be salted, roasted and powdered.

How to Select

You can easily prepare it at home. Although it is easily available in grocery stores, check for powdered peanuts in food stores, which keep snack foods. You can also buy these on line through Internet.

Culinary Uses

l You can use Powdered peanuts in curries as it is a thickening agent.
l It is also used in gravies of spicy vegetables as well as any fish or chicken recipes.
l It is especially used in cooking all the vegetables by the Maharashtrians.
l It can be used in preparation of smoothies.
l You can also use it in milkshakes, as it is a great protein source.
l It is used to make peanut paste by adding little water to it and mixing gently.
l You can make lovely peanut butter from powdered peanuts. You can add chocolate flavor to it to obtain cholcolate peanut butter. It is used as a popular sandwich spread instead of the regular butter. Since it is rich in MUFA and resveratrol, it is considered very healthy, especially for those having cardiac ailments.

How to Store

Powdered peanuts, since it is made from roasted peanuts, can stored in an air tight container, may be of steel or plastic. Keep it in your cup board storage cabinet. To increase its shelf life, you can also store it under refrigeration storage. It has a shelf life of around 1 month.

Health Benefits

Peanuts, being a legume is rich in nutrients and provides immense health benefits.
l Peanuts are rich in proteins, which is a major macro nutrient required for growth and maintenance of body tissues and fluids. It is a great protein source for Vegetarians.
l Peanuts are a very good source of monounsaturated fats or the MUFA, which helps decrease the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood. Thus peanuts are very heart friendly as they help decrease the chances of heart attack.
l Peanuts are good sources of vitamin E, which delays the process of aging.
l It is also rich in vitamins like niacin, folate and manganese. These are very important in daily body mechanisms.
l In addition, peanuts provide resveratrol, the phenolic antioxidant also found in red grapes and red wine that lowers chances of heart disease.
l It consists of the anti oxidants namely, phytosterols and phytic acid may have anti-cancer effects.
l In addition it helps Prevent Gallstones.
l Studies show that it can protect against Alzheimer's and Age-related Cognitive Decline.
l It is considered healthy for people who are Weight Conscious and the Body Builders.

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