puri (chaat)

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Also known as
Golgappa, Puchkas

Puri is a round and crisp deep-fried snack, commonly used in all-time favourite chaats like panipuri, sevpuri, dahipuri, etc. These small puris are easily available in the market but can be made at home too. Puris are made by combining semolina, wheat flour or plain flour, salt and oil, kneading into stiff dough, rolling, cutting into small puris and then deep-frying. Baking soda or any plain soda water is also added sometimes to make the puris more crisp and fluffy. These puris are then used to make a variety of chaat dishes.

Jeera puri

How to select
Check for the manufacturing details if buying readymade puris from the market. Also avoid buying broken puris or puris with the stale smell of oil as they can be unpalatable.

Culinary uses
Puris are commonly used as the base to make the evergreen favourite panipuri, also known as golgappa or gupchup.
Puris are also used to make other varieties of chaat like dahi puri, sevpuri, etc.
A variety of stuffing can be made to fill the puris, for different chaat preparations.

How to store
Store puris in air-tight containers in a clean, dry place.