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Also Known as
Lal Gobhi, purple cabbage

What is Red cabbage, Purple Cabbage ?

A red or purplish cabbage that is more mild and sweet flavored than other cabbage. It has a round, solid head and is popular for adding color to salads and stir-fries. The leaves on the red cabbage are tougher than those on the green cabbage because of its longer maturity time. Red cabbage is available throughout the year.

How to Select
When shopping for red cabbage, it is a good idea to choose those heads with the richest, reddest leaves, since the compounds that give red cabbage is rich flavor also provide its nutritional benefits. The leaves should show no evidence of damage or insect nibbles. Fresh cabbage will have a generous amount of wrapper (outer) leaves. Check the bottom of the cabbage to be sure the leaves are not beginning to separate from the stem, an indication of age.

Culinary uses of red cabbage in Indian cooking

red cabbage used in healthy Indian salads

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sandwich using red cabbage

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Indo Chinese recipes using red cabbage

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" Most often pickled, raw shredded red cabbage adds a striking taste to salads.
" When cooking with red or purple cabbage, be aware that the compound (anthocyanin) that gives the cabbage that beautiful color will also turn it blue when it is cooked along with any alkaline substance. Since tap water is often full of alkaline minerals such as lime, be sure to add about 1 teaspoon of acidic agent, such as lemon juice, vinegar, or wine, to the pot when using tap water. If your red cabbage begins to take on that blue tinge in any recipe, the addition of the acidic agent will usually bring back the original color.
" Use red or purple cabbage leaves to hold side dishes or salads on the plate for an attractive and colorful accent.
" Cabbage heads can be hollowed out and used as unique serving containers for cold dips and spreads. Red and purple ones make excellent centerpieces used as a container.
" Combine shredded red and white cabbage with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and seasonings such as turmeric, cumin, coriander and black pepper.
" The color in red cabbage will have a tendency to run when it is cooked. The cabbage turns a purplish blue and turns other foods that it is cooked with to a reddish color. To prevent the red cabbage from discoloring, add lemon juice or vinegar to the cooking water. Approximately 1/2 tbsp. per cup of cooking water will be sufficient

How to Store
Keeping cabbage cold will keep it fresh and help it retain its nutritional content. Put the whole head in a plastic bag in the crisper section of your refrigerator.

Health Benefits of red cabbage
Cabbage is low in caloriesrelieves constipation, good for diabetics. Cabbage has high levels of flavonoids and anthocyanins and has long been used as a herbal medicine. Rich in Antioxidants in turn lowers the risk of infection and inflammation of the body due to eating processed foods. Red cabbage also called purple cabbage has slightly high levels of flavonoids and anthocyanins than green cabbage and has long been used as a herbal medicine. It has same health benefits to offer as the cabbage otherwise. See here all benefits of cabbage
Red cabbage cubes
Wash the red cabbage with water and dry it with a kitchen towel. Place it on a chopping board and cut into 2 halves vertically using sharp knife. Cut each halve into two more halves by cutting it vertically. Then place one piece flat on the chopping board and from one end cut the red cabbage into thick uniform strips vertically. Line up the strips with your non-working hand and cut them horizontally to get square pieces. As per the recipe, chop them into particular size of the cubes, (for example, ½ inch to 1 inch cubes).
Shredded red cabbage
Wash the red cabbage with water and dry it with a kitchen towel. Place it on a chopping board and cut into 2 halves vertically using sharp knife. Cut each halve into two more halves by cutting it vertically. Then place one piece flat on the chopping board and from one end cut the red cabbage into thin or thick uniform strips vertically. This us shredded red cabbage.