red chilli paste

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Also Known as
Lal Mirchi paste, Lal mirch paste

Red chilli paste is a good alternative to keep as they are not available all year round. This paste is spicy, hot and very appealing. The red chillies are washed, cleaned, chopped into fine pieces and grounded with lemon juice, salt, little sugar and cumin seeds. Grind it all in a blender till smooth. One can even grind it coarsely if a recipe call for the same.

How to Select
Pick deep bright red coloured chillies which should be shiny, crisp and unwrinkled ones. Make sure they are bright and unbroken.

Culinary Uses
· Red chilli paste is often used as a dip, spread, and topping or can be used as a base for pizza and sandwiches.
· It is a wonderful accompaniment to Parathas, chapattis, Vadas, samosas or Pattice. Usually all Indian meals are accompanied by either pickles or chutneys. They can be used with breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.
· Easy to make and add flavor in your cooking
· Add the paste into cream cheese for a sandwich spread. Thin with sour cream or yogurt to make a dip.

How to Store
It is best to freeze it in a dry container and remove 10 minutes prior to use in any recipie. Don't forget to keep it back in freezer, as it might turn dark and loose its freshness. It can stay good for a month and half.