resham patti chillies

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Also Known as
Resham patti michi

Ground red chiles are used throughout Indian cooking; this vibrant red reshampatti powder has a powerful, spicy flavor with a broad, pepper sweetness. It is used mainly by Guajarati's and Maharshtrian for pickle purpose.

How to Select
Select packed packets from the market. Read the label if attached for manufacturing date.

Culinary Uses
· It is very well known as Hottening agent. You can add this extra spicy chilli powder to masalas, pickles, and chutneys with traditional Indian seasonings.
· Reshampatti chili powder is brighter and hotter than regular chili powder, thus imparting a brighter red color to your dishes. Chilies, high in vitamin C,

How to Store
Chili powder has a long shelf life. Store away from light and heat in airtight containers. It will remain fresh up to two years A rock of hing acts as a very good preservative.

Health Benefits
· Chilies, high in vitamin C, have been found to stimulate the appetite, destroy harmful toxins and purify the blood.