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Also Known as
Aerated water, Sparkling Water, Club water

Soda Water is one of those funny liquids. Is it water? Is it a soda? Actually, it is a combination of these two things. Soda Water is known by many names - club soda, sparkling water. Carbonated water, also known as sparkling water, is plain water into which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved, and is the major and defining component of most soft drinks. This is the thing that they do to soda liquids to make them bubbly.

While these water drinks do not have alcohol in them, they are very commonly used as a mixing agent for cocktails. They give the alcoholic drink a little spritz and mouth appeal.

How to Select
Choose from the various brands available in the market. Confirm on the packaging as a minute leakage could loose all fizz out. Also, buy as required and do not buy in bulk as it might not be as bubbly as required.

Culinary Uses
· It is very commonly used as a mixing agent for cocktails.
· Soda gives the alcoholic drink a little spritz and mouth appeal.
· You can even make your own soda by mixing soda water with a flavoring. That in essence is all that soda is.
· It is one of the chief and essential components of most soft drinks

How to Store
Once opened, it should be used immediately. The loss of fizz leaves no taste behind. It can be stored unopened in refrigerator for a week.

Health Benefits
· Soda water is free of calories and therefore more suitable than alcohol or juices or mixers, as you are trying to lose weight.
· Soda water does contain sodium (salt as bicarbonate) but the amount is not as great as in some mineral waters.
· Sometimes we need to ask clients to restrict soda water if their organs are accumulating too much fluid as in the case of cardiomyopathy or renal kidney failure or hypertension. Assuming you are healthy then you need not worry about soda water. You are correct in thinking that those that sprinkle salt on food after cooking would probably be receiving more sodium.
· Carbon dioxide is just as gas, and is fact the gas you breathe out of your body. You breathe in oxygen, you breathe out carbon dioxide.