split fenugreek seeds

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Also Known as
Methi na Kuria

Split fenugreek seeds are nothing but cracked seeds of fenugreek, which are often used to prepare delectable pickles such as the famous Methia Keri, which derives its name itself from the key ingredient methi na kuria (crushed fenugreek seeds).

How to Select
• It is readily available in the market.
• Select carefully, noting the colour and aroma of the spice.

Culinary Uses
• Split fenugreek seeds are used with a combination of split mustard seeds in pickle.
• It imparts a very aromatic and spicy taste to curries.
• Raw mangoes dressed with salt and turmeric powder are then combined with equal quantities of chilli powder, split fenugreek seeds, mustard oil and sea salt to make a lip-smacking pickle called Methia Keri, which is an ideal accompaniment for almost all meals.

How to Store
It can keep for a year or more, in an air tight container, unrefrigerated.