split mustard seeds

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Also Known as
Rai na Kuria, Rai Kuria, Cracked mustard seeds

Split mustard seeds or rai na kuria refers to mustard seeds, which are split through a special process. First, the skin of the mustard seeds are removed and discarded. The skinless seeds are then ground coarsely. This coarsely ground skinless mustard is often referred to as split mustard seeds, cracked mustard seeds, rai kuria or rai na kuria. It is a common ingredient used in making Indian pickles.

Crushed split mustard seeds

How to Select
• Split mustard seeds are easily available in grocery stores.
• You can also make it at home by crushing using a mortal pestle or mixer-grinder. However, the colour of the split mustard prepared at home might be different from that of commercially packed ones, as the latter usually has a little turmeric powder added to it for visual appeal and preservation.

Culinary Uses
• Split mustard seeds work well as a preservative are commonly added to Indian pickles for this purpose, as well as for their flavour.
• A sprinkling of split mustard seeds can be added when pickling or boiling vegetables such as cabbage.
• It is a wonderful addition to curds, with coriander or parsley leaves.

How to Store
• Store split mustard seeds in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
• It lasts up to six months.