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Also Known As

Sprouted Cow Pea, Sprouted Lobia.


Black Eyed Beans can be sprouted or germinated like other pulses to increase the nutritive value and make it palatable in uncooked form.to prepare the sprouted chawli;

Wash the beans throughly in running water twice.
· Wash the beans throughly in running water twice.
· Soak it in water for an overnight,lid the container.
· Drain the water next day morning and place the beans in a wet cloth.
· Rinse at regular intervals until they germinate or sprout.
Chawli when sprouted, develop whitish brown colored shoot coming out from the seed.

How To Select

Select whole chawli which is free of any worm infestation and has a silvery effect on the black "eye" area for germinating at home. Once the process of germination starts, refrigerate the beans until used. While buying ready sprouts from market , select those which have the root shooting out to less than an inch, which is packed with the right nutrition at the right stage.Too long shoots are not really palatable and enjoyed when eaten raw.

Culinary Use

· It would be best to eat chawli sprouts as it is or raw, because cooking always destroys a large part of their nutritional content. Justs queeze some lime and enrich with little black salt, a tempting chawli sprout delight can be prepared.
· Sprouted chawli can be used in lots of mix salads to enhance the taste as well as impart variety to the dish.
· Sprouted chawli sandwich is a great snack.
· It can be cooked to a boil and mixed with other sprouts, topped with little coriander, chopped onions and tomatoes ,chopped green chillies and masalas to make a Desi Mix Sprout Chaat.
· Tropical Beansprout Raita is a refreshing summer cooler. Just mix sprouted chawli with grapes, pineapple, chopped cabbage and pour thick yogurt over it. Garnish with a pineapple ring.
· Mix cottage cheese and Chawli sprout. Stir in diced pineapple and pear. Serve chilled on top of a lettuce leaf.
· A quick accompaniment for rice or pasta can be made by just cooking chawli sprouts with ginger paste and mushrooms topped with soy sauce and chopped celery.

How To Store

Sprouts are highly perishable. At room temperature Sprouted chawli will lose its flavor as well as appeal, if the shoots grow too long. So try and use them as early as possible. Hence it is best to eat sprouts fresh. However, the nourishment which develops as the sprouts grow is very stable and can be frozen, or dried, for future use.the shelf life can be at 0'C Use good quality net or perforated bags, which are said to have breathing space, minimize water loss and can be stored at regular refrigeration temperature. Similarly chawli sprouts can also be stored in a vacuum container , but there are chances that process of sprouting continues even on cold storage, though minimal.

Health Benefits

· Chawli in itself is rich in proteins, folate, calcium and dietary fiber. Sprouting it enhances its nutritive value to a great extent.
· They help in bone formation, increase density and prevent bone breakdown, specially in cases of osteoporosis. They are also helpful in controlling hot flashes, menopause symptoms, PMS and fibrocystic breast tumors.
· They contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals that protect us against major illnesses.
· Presence of active anti-oxidants after sprouting chawli prevent cell destruction and protect us from the ongoing effects of aging. It also helps fight cancer.
· Apart from this , there is a markable increase in vitamins and minerals, namely Vitamin C, Calcium, manganese, phosphorus and Vitamin B12.
· There is considerable increase in dietary fiber as well.
· Chawli Sprouts helps to reduce the acid-alkaline imbalance which might occur when grains, legumes, and other proteins are over loaded in the system.

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