surti raw banana

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Also Known as
Kerala Banana, Nendran Plantain and Raw Nendran Banana

Surti raw banana is a fruit of the banana tree, at the stage before ripening. It is native to the Indian subcontinent, especially South India. India is, incidentally, one of the highest exporters of bananas.

Surti raw bananas have a hard, green peel, and a slightly yellowish flesh inside. They are thicker than normal raw bananas, and longer as well. The peel too is thick and needs to be cut using a knife or peeler.
They are not easily available at vegetable shops, and you need to inform the vendor in advance if you need some.

How to select
• Buy longer and thicker raw bananas with a green peel, which indicates that they are really raw.
• When ordering from the vegetable vendor, make it clear that you want Surti raw bananas or Kerala bananas – the ones used to make yellow banana wafers.
• They do not have a curve like the normal raw bananas have. They are almost straight and long.
• Buy ones with the stem intact. Without the stem, they may become dark and may attract insects and mosquitoes.

Culinary uses
• Surti raw banana is used for making yellow banana wafers.

How to store
• Once bought, store at room temperature for 1 to 2 days until use. After that, it will start ripening.

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