thin pizza base

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Pizza crust is a ready made base on which you can load various toppings and bake to prepare pizzas in a jiffy. Although generally made with refined flour or whole wheat flour, pizza crust can be made with a variety of flours, alone or in combination.

Thick pizza base

How to Select
• Buy from a store where fresh stock of pizza crust is available on a daily basis.
• Softly press the crust and check on the freshness.
• If buying from a local bakery, verify whether it is prepared hygienically.
• If buying from a supermarket, check the dates of manufacturing and expiry.
• You can also make it at home with refined flour or wheat flour and bake it.

Culinary Uses
• Just add your favourite toppings and bake to get fresh, homemade pizza the way you like it.
• You can experiment with a range of vegetable and fruit toppings.
• With ready made pizza crust, you can serve pizzas at parties too.

How to Store
• Pizza crust can be stored unopened at room temperature for a day or two.
• If not used immediately on purchase, it is better to refrigerate. But, remember to use it soon before it turns hard and unpalatable.

Health Benefits
• Wheat based pizza crust is a healthy alternative to refined flour pizza.
• It is a healthy and appetising food, with lots of veggies, for kids and adults.
• Weight watchers can use low-fat cheese, fibre-rich toppings, etc. But, in any case, frequent consumption can cause weight gain – so stay in control of how much you eat.