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Also Known As
Candied fruit cubes or Candied raw papaya

Tutti-Frutti is a tasty, colourful and chewy confectionary item that is used in cakes, cookies ice creams, etc. They are small-sized cubical titbits that have a fruity and sweet taste. They are available in mixed colours, like red, yellow, green and orange.

It is made using raw papaya, which is cut into tiny cubes, blanched and again cooked in sugar water. Colour is added, and it is set aside for a day. It is then spread out and dried for 24 to 48 hours.

Kids love tutti-frutti and it can be added to any dish, be it a bun or a dosa, to make it attractive to kids. It is also used in sweet paans or as a topping for ice-creams, sundaes etc. Tutti-Frutti should ideally be used in combination with raisins, currants, apricots, prunes, dates and figs.

It is readily available at shops, and can be made at home as well.

How to buy
• Tutti-Frutti is readily available in shops in different pack sizes.
• Individual colours as well as mixed coloured packs are available. They are available in two forms - sugar coated and non-sugar coated • Check the expiry date before purchasing.

Culinary uses
• Tutti-Frutti is used in making cakes and desserts, the most famous being kids’ favourite tutti-frutti ice-cream.
• Bread loafs, cookies, buns and even dosas and idlis can be embellished with tutti-frutti to make them attractive for kids.
• It is also used as an attractive topping for sundaes and ice-creams.

How to store
• Store in the refrigerator once opened.

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