unbeaten whipped cream

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Unbeaten whipped cream is a thick, creamy semi-solid, which is best used when in a semi-frozen state. The more chilled it is, the better it is to work with. An electric beater is used to whip it into soft, fluffy peaks. This cream can then be used during the making and finishing of bakery and confectionery products. Unbeaten whipped cream when whipped yields twice the amount, for example, 1 1/4 cups of unbeaten whipped cream would give you 2 cups of whipped cream. So please use accordingly.

How to Select
• Unbeaten whipped cream is sold in packets, pouches and in tetra packs of varying sizes.
• Make sure the pack is not puffed on either side.
• The expiry dates on these products are very important. Please be vary of both the manufacturing and expiry dates.

Culinary Uses
• Beating, unbeaten whipped cream, yields thick, fluffy whipped cream which is used to make souffles, mousse, or when coloured and flavoured is used as a finishing agent on cupcakes, cakes, tarts..etc.

How to Store
• When bought it has to be stored in the freezer in its original container.
• Before whipping it has to be kept at room temperature for 30 minutes and then whipped as needed.
• The unbeaten whipped cream that hasn't been used can be stored in the same box in the freezer.