Indian Aviation Yodel

Indian Aviation Yodel

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Cover the bowl with aluminum foil before refrigerating to chill.

Indian Aviation Yodel recipe - How to make Indian Aviation Yodel


Preparation Time:    Cooking Time: Some Refrigeration   Total Time:     6


You need:
1 sandwich bread loaf
jam, preferably strawberry or mixed fruit
1 1/2 ltrs low fat milk
15 to 20 biscuits, crumbed
dry fruits or nuts (optional)
4 tbsp custard powder
sugar Just enough for the custard, but not too much as the jam is sweet too


  1. You need to:
  2. Make jam sandwiches with liberal helping of jam.
  3. Cut and discard sides of the sandwiches.
  4. Make nine equal pieces of each sandwich.
  5. Make custard ensuring it is light and not rich.
  6. You have to:
  7. Spread some biscuit powder in a glass pudding dish.
  8. Pour a little custard over the biscuit powder.
  9. Place a layer of sandwich squares over the custard.
  10. Pour custard over the sandwiches.
  11. Spread biscuit powder over custard once again.
  12. Place more sandwich pieces over biscuit powder.
  13. Place nuts / dry fruits between layers if required.
  14. Repeat similar layers till the pudding bowl is full.
  15. Sprinkle top once again with biscuit powder.
  16. You should:
  17. Be liberal while pouring custard.
  18. Serve five to six persons.
  19. Relish it !!