Italian Veggie Soup

Italian Veggie  Soup

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U can also add capsicum and French beans

Italian Veggie Soup recipe - How to make Italian Veggie Soup

Preparation Time: 1 DAY   Cooking Time: 30 MINS   Total Time:     6


Veggies stock

    Veggies stock
  1. Roughly chopp all vegetables - carrot, celery, onions, tomatoes & mushrooms
  2. Place them in a sauce pan
  3. Tie bay leaves, thyme and parsely and pepper in fine cloth
  4. Pour 7 or 8 cups water
  5. Slowly bring to simmer. simmer it uncoverred for about 1.30 hrs
  6. Strain the stock through the sieve into large bowl
  7. Discaard the contents from the sieve
  8. Keep stock chilled & covered in fridge for a day


  1. Chop all vegetables in long strips
  2. Slice cabbage finely
  3. Put the veggie stock and bay leaf in a sauce pan & boil it
  4. Add all vegetables
  5. Add cabbage, beans and pasta
  6. As soon as pasta is cooked remove the bay leaf and add pepper & salt to taste
  7. Garnish it with corainder
  8. Serve hot
  9. Drink hot