Mango and Swiss Roll Dessert

Mango and Swiss Roll Dessert

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I suggest that the whole process of whipping the cream can be done in a cold container or take a wide plastic container and fill it with ice cubes and then keep the bowl in which you are whipping the cream in the center, this makes the cream to become soft and fluffy within a few minutes.

Mango and Swiss Roll Dessert recipe - How to make Mango and Swiss Roll Dessert

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2 tins of nestle cream
2 Sachets of Dream whip(vanilla flavour or plain).
2 small packets of Mango jelly.
3-4 swiss roll packets so that each pack can give about 10 thin slices of swiss rolls.
1 cup of Mango pulp.
fresh mango peices or canned mango pieces.If you are using a canned mangoes you will need 2 of them.


to prepare the mango jelly.

    to prepare the mango jelly.
  1. Empty the 2 sachets of mango jelly in a deep bowl and 2 cups of hot water and 2 cups of cold water.let it set if the refrigerator.
  2. You can do this a day ahead before you start the actual making of the dessert as the jelly takes some to set.

how to proceed:

    how to proceed:
  1. Empty the 2 sachets of dream whip in a large bowl and add about 3/4th cup of cold milk and start beating it with a hand mixer at high speed.beat until it reaches 3 times it normal volume and till it becomes light and soft peaks form.
  2. Now add the 2 nestle creams into this and beat again for about 5 minute till it is well blended.
  3. Now take the prepared mango jelly and beat it well and add it to the cream mixture and beat again.
  4. Take a wide dish,either square or oval.spread the peices of swiss rolls all over evenly.
  5. Now spread the cream and jelly mixture over this.
  6. Take the mango peices and press them into the cream and jelly mix lightly.
  7. Finally,take the mango pulp and spread it in the form of a thin layer.decorate it as per your wish either with cherries or strawberries to make it look attractive.