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आधारित डेसर्ट रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Basic Indian Dessert Recipes in Hindi)
ડૅઝર્ટસ્ ના આધારીત વ્યંજન - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Basic Indian Dessert Recipes in Gujarati)

Fruity Bread Balls recipe
It is a sweet dish. A little bit change of fruit custerd.
Khajoori Shahi Tukda recipe
Combination of date rolls and bread to make this delicious khajoori shahi tukda.
Khoobsurat Khajur recipe
Pamper your sweet tooth with this awesome tasting dessert recipe, khubsurat khajur. The dates or khajur are cooked with milk and sugar and then served warm or cold as per choice, garnished with sliced almonds.
Lime Sauce recipe
A simple guide to prepare lime sauce by mixing butter, sugar,water and cornflour to lemon rind and lemon juice. The tangy lime sauce may be used as salad dressing or dip or even as a topping for ice creams and pies.
Meethi ( Sweet) Boondi recipe
Boondi is a Rajasthani snack made from fried chickpea flour. It is normally prepared sweet and can be also prepared plain. Non sweetened boondi can be used to prepare raita which has yogurt and boondi mixed together. To prepare spicy boondi, the batter is mixed with spices and salt before fryi ....
Oats Chakkara Pongal recipe
A healthy twist to a traditional south indian recipe.
Pastry Base for Tarts recipe
Prepare the Pastry base for tarts easily at home with this simple pastry base recipe at the tart cased with fruit or chocolate filling and serve as dessert or teatime snack item
Praline Powder recipe
Prepare the ground and roasted sweet Praline powder in an air tight container and use it as desired in desserts, cakes, ice creams or cookies.
Quick Rich Chocolate Sauce recipe
A quick way to make rick and thick chocolate sauce which can be made easily.
Rava Kheer recipe
The idea poped into my mind when i was alone at home and i was planning to make something sweet and simple with the simplest ingredients.
Shahi Bread Kachori recipe
This is a sweet dish...a new expariment in my kitchen.
Shahi Tukrey recipe
A good dessert to serve your guests..
Shinni recipe
A Bengali liquid-sweet dish. Can be used as dessert or prasad. A dairy dish made entirely of milk.
Sponge Cake recipe
1. variation : chocolate sponge
2. proceed as for basic vanilla sponge but reduce the self-raising flour quantity by 15 grams and use instead 15 grams and use instead 15 grams cocoa.

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