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पैनकेक / चिला - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Breakfast Pancakes, Chillas recipes in Hindi)
ચિલા, પૅનકેક સવારના નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Breakfast Pancakes, Chillas recipes in Gujarati)

Dolma recipe
Dolma is an interesting potato based pancake or chilla recipe. The potatoes are grated and added to rawa and spices. This aloo-rawa mix is then spread on non-stick pan and filled with a spicy onion-tomato stuffing. Serve dolma or aloo chilla with chutney or sauce of choice.
Dry Fruit Pancakes recipe
The dry fruit pancake is basically a specialty pancake recipe. A healthier version of simple maida based pancakes, these dried fruit pancakes is prepared with flour blended with eggs, milk and salt and filled with a healthy mix of dry fruits, honey and sugar. A perfect breakfast option!
Farali Pancakes recipe
Healthy laddoo is a traditional mother's recipe to strengthen the immune functions and build up nutrient stores. The til seeds, jaggery and ghee blend together in the laddoo and is a tasty and healthy laddoo( sweet ball) recipe.
Healthy Uttapam recipe
Healthy uttapam is a recipe of tasty and healthy uttapam made with a paste of soya granules mixed with various veggies, chillies and cottage cheese.
Hip-hop Pancakes recipe
A tasty pancake recipe made with suji, curds and different veggies full of nutrition.
Lauki Thalipeeth recipe
A delicious Maharashtrian snack using bottlegourd.
Low Cal Nutritious Pancakes recipe
Prepare the best healthy pancakes with this easy , quick and appealing low cal nutritious pancake recipe. The pancake batter is prepared from rice flour, bajra flour, besan and mashed sprouts. Discover novel pancake ideas at
Makyache Thalipeeth recipe
An authentic maharashtrian delicacy!!
Mango Chilla with Paneer recipe
Chilla prepared with mango is not only scrumptious but is also very nutritious. You can make it for breakfast for supper. Pack these tempting chilas in lunch tiffin for kids, they'll love it for sure.
Mango Delight Pancake recipe
It is good and nutritious breakfast recipe for summers!
Methi Seed Pancake recipe
This pancake is useful for diabetic and specially for ladies who has the problem of back ache.
Mix Dal Chila recipe
Mix of variety of dals. Clubs in the complete nutrition and protein in one meal a day Paneer will make this interesting and yummy for kids too.
Mixed Dal Chila recipe
Chila, there are many varieties of chila, one can innovate many kind of chila. Here is nutritious and delicious chila made from rice, chana dal, moong dal and toovar dal.
Mixed Dal Pancakes recipe
A breakfast recipe.
Moong Dal Cheela recipe
Moong dal cheela is a great way of adding proteins in the form of moong dal on your breakfast table. Easy to prepare and crispy moong dal cheela are best paired with green chutney or chilli sauce and can also be had with breads.
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