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बटर घर में मक्खन बनाएँ रेसिपी संग्रह - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Butter recipes in Hindi)
બટર રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Butter recipes in Gujarati)

Butter recipes | Homemade flavored butter recipes

Butter recipes. Homemade flavored butter recipes. Butter! One of those side-dishes which makes you salivate just by its name. It is not only used to spread on toasted bread slices but, also as a key ingredient in cooking as a substitute for ghee/oil in many recipes. The salty flavor is just perfect to perk up any meal and give a nice golden glaze on cooking. In fact, you can even enhance the taste of butter by adding fresh or dried herbs and spices to make compound butter.

How To Make Homemade White Butter, Safed Makhan Recipe
How To Make Homemade White Butter, Safed Makhan Recipe

Similar to butter is ghee, which is nothing but clarified butter. Many Indians feel satisfied only with homemade ghee and make it often at home. It is easy to make and can be stored in an airtight container for a long time. For making ghee at home, you will have to learn How To Make Homemade White Butter which is formed by storing malai from full-fat milk for almost 2 weeks.

How to make Compound Butter

Stock up your refrigerator with rolls/ cubes of peppy butter variants. All you have to do is combine salted butter with the flavoring ingredient & then tightly rolling it in a cylinder. Store it in the refrigerator in a dry, airtight container after each use, so you can keep it for around 15 days. Here are some of my favorite homemade compound butter recipes:

Lemon Chilli Coriander ButterLemon Chilli Coriander Butter

1. Lemon Butter

2. Jalapeno Olive Butter

3. Garlic and Fresh Herb Butter

4. Schezwan and Spring Onion Butter

They are easy to make and fun to serve. You can use them to toss crunchy vegetables, apply on a corn cob or use it for making garlic bread/ open toasts. Try using other herbs like parsley, sage, mint or chives too.

Healthy butter recipes

While savoury butter is popular, sweet butter recipes like peanut butter are equally famous. They are not only loved by kids but, also enjoyed by adults. They might be unhealthy because of the extreme use of sugar. Try this peanut butter recipe without any sugar but, coconut oil making it not only a good source of protein but also a great source of monounsaturated healthy fats.

Coconut Butter with Dried CoconutCoconut Butter with Dried Coconut

Similarly, you can make other healthy butter variants like Homemade Almond Butter, Homemade Natural Hazelnut Butter or Coconut Butter with Desiccated Coconut. They make a wonderful accompaniment for nutritious loaves of bread and other snacks. Our collection of 15+ butter recipes will surely have something to suit your palate. Do try the unique butter recipes to upgrade your simple meals.

Happy Cooking!

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How To Make Homemade Ghee, Clarified Butter recipe
No store-bought ghee can ever match the fresh aroma and rich taste of homemade ghee. Many Indians feel satisfied only with homemade ghee, and make it often at home. It is easy to make and can be stored in an airtight container for a long time. The ghee is wonderful for smearing on
Homemade Peanut Butter, for Weight Loss and Athletes recipe
Deliciously luscious peanut butter made at home with unsalted peanuts is a great source of monounsaturated healthy fats. Yes, that means it is actually good for you! Peanut butter is also a good source of protein. Coconut oil, added to the peanut butter to get a nice nutty taste, gives you healthy f ....
How To Make Homemade White Butter, Safed Makhan Recipe recipe
Who can resist topping their parathas with a dollop of white butter, or a dab on their toast? Although white butter is readily available in the market, Homemade White Butter has a lusciousness and fresh taste that is beyond compar ....
Homemade Almond Butter,  for Weight Loss and Athletes recipe
Homemade Almond Butter is totally awesome, a tantalising treat with a very unique flavour and interesting mouth-feel! Actually, it is something that must be experienced and not described! When you think almonds, you expect a nutty flavour, but this Homemade Almond Butter gives you a better flavour t ....
Homemade Butter recipe
Everyone knows that butter is made from cream, and ghee from butter. But both processes take time and patience. So, with a bit of reverse engineering, we show you how to make butter from ghe ....
Homemade Natural Hazelnut Butter recipe
A buttery spread made of hazelnuts, this Homemade Natural Hazelnut Butter is bursting with goodness and burgeoning with flavour! From young to old, nobody can resist dabbing some on their toast, or spreading some on their rotis or loaves. The nutty and natural flavour of this butter surely adds ....
Coconut Butter with Desiccated Coconut recipe
People all over the world are rediscovering the magic of the humble coconut, which is an everyday sight in India. It is interesting to note that this common nut can be used to make several exotic yet super healthy ingredients like coconut flour, coconut butter and so on. This recipe shows you ho ....
Coconut Butter with Dried Coconut recipe
Dried coconut is readily available in grocery stores in India, including the small roadside kirana shops! This common ingredient however has a timeless charm, and Indians love to use dried coconut in different forms in their cooking. You can just pop a piece of dried coconut into your mouth and ....
Garlic and Fresh Herb Butter recipe
Add a peppy, flavourful touch to your butter, and it becomes more than just butter! This Garlic and Fresh Herb Butter is ideal to use in pastas, noodles, rice preparations and so on. Or, simply spread it on a slice of toasted bread to give your breakfast a garlicky, herby touch. Store it in the ....
Schezwan and Spring Onion Butter, Schezuan and Spring Onion Butter recipe
Transform simple soft butter into a sprightly, tongue-tickling treat! This Schezwan and Spring Onion Butter combines the mellow flavour and lusciousness of butter with the peppy taste of Schezwan sauce and the spicy crunch of spring onions. It is a wonderful addition to pastas, noodles and rice. ....
Jalapeno Olive Butter recipe
Jalapeno and black olive are both ingredients that have an interestingly sharp flavour. When these are added to pleasant tasting, lusciously soft butter, you get a spread with a fabulous flavour that is spicy in a very balanced sort of way. You can use the Jalapeno Olive Butter to make
Lemon Chilli Coriander Butter recipe
Homemade flavoured butter has a much more vibrant flavour and luscious mouth-feel when compared to commercially-made, store-bought ones. If you are a fan of flavoured butters, then this Lemon Chilli Coriander Butter is a must-try. You will be awestruck by the peppy tang of lemon, the spicy touch ....
Lemon Butter recipe
Flavoured butters are the craze! Try this one and you will fall crazily in love with it. Citrus overtones accentuated by hints of sea salt make this Lemon Butter a vibrantly flavoured treat for your palate. Enjoy it with toasted bread, or use it to flavour rice, noodles or pasta. If you love a l ....
Lemon Dill and Cream Cheese Butter recipe
Anything lemony has the power to energize your taste buds with amazing zing. This Lemon Dill and Cream Cheese Butter is a classic example. The tanginess is complemented beautifully by the herby touch of dill. A lusciously creamy mouth-feel, a sour-herby-tangy taste, and ease of preparation make ....
Dill Butter ( Soups and Salads Recipe ) recipe
Soft butter is mixed with fresh herbs like dill. Garlic and lemon juice is added too, giving it a tangy delicious flavour. A great accompaniment on the soup and salad table!
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