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फ्रीज़र - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Freezer recipes in Hindi)
ફ્રીજર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Freezer recipes in Gujarati)

Ice Cream Pyramid recipe
For a change of taste you can use a different flavour of sauce/ice cream and fruit
Ice Cream with Caramelized Fruit recipe
You can make this caramelized mixture ahead of time and keep it for faster serving.

you can make this variety of seasonal fruits.
Ice-cream Base recipe
An interesting and easy way of preparing ice cream with this ice cream base recipe. The milk is boiled and mixed with corn flour, GMS, CMC and milk powder to prepare this ice cream base. The base can be later used to prepare any ice cream of your choice with any desired flavour or essence.
Ice-cream Roll recipe
An interesting recipe, Ice-cream roll has cold ice cream sandwiched in between the cake roll and then frozen. This frozen sweet delicacy, ice cream roll is best reserved for special functions and parties.
Icecream Bombe recipe
Ice cream bombe is a delicious ice cream recipe with a difference. You are sure to find many interesting ice cream recipe, dessert recipe, chocolate recipe at
Icecream Juice recipe
Ice-cream juice offers an innovatively created beverage option with ice cream blended with fresh fruit juices. Find many interesting and simple juice recipe, ice cream recipe, drink recipe at
Lemon Ginger Sorbet recipe
Tip use lemon skin to make achar recipe already contributed
rajni ahuja
Lemon Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream recipe
Bring health on your plate with this Lemon raspberry swirl ice cream which is mot onlu rich in taste but also laden with health benefits of fresh fruits, milk and tofu.
Lemon Sorbet recipe
This makes a nice dessert or can be even taken on a hot summer day.
<>children as well as adults will love this cool sorbet, as most people love lemon juice.
<>I have tried and made this particular recipe many times and my family loves it and so will you.

to speed the freezing, pour the ....
Macadamia Icecream recipe
If macadamia nuts are not readily available you can do the same with either kaju / walnuts cut in to small pieces.
Mamidi Ice Cream recipe
Why does the milk curdle when added to milk ice-cream?
that is because the mangoes are really sharp and acidic and also maybe you are adding cold mangoes into hot or warm milk. both the mangoes and the milk should be cold when you mix them and also the mangoes should be sweet and ripe.
Mango Ice Cream recipe
Discover an easy and tasty mango ice cream recipe with fresh mangoes and sweetened cream. The creamy textured and irrestible mango flavoured mango ice- cream is an easy recipe which can be prepared at home.
Mango Ice-cream recipe
Mango ice cream is a delectable ice cream recipe with mango puree added to cream, sugar and cornflour and frozen. Serve creamy mango ice cream with freshly cut mango pieces as an awesome dessert dish.
Mango Icecream recipe
For low calorie add sugar free powder no sugar ,no cream, banana ,chickoo ,pineapple ,ice-cream can be made same way as mango
Pine Apple (tined)icecream recipe
With fresh pine apple ,stew pineapple ,make as mentioned for tinned pineapple
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