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प्रोटीन भरपुर व्यंजन सूप - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (High Protein Soups recipes in Hindi)
હાઇ પ્રોટીન સૂપ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (High Protein Soups recipes in Gujarati)

Protein Rich Soup Recipes, Veg High Protein Soups

Protein Rich Soup Recipes, Veg High Protein Soups.  Spinach SoupTomato Soup and many other clear soups are very famous and we often turn to them when we are looking for a hot bowl of soup. This section is an effort to include more variety in your diet while piling up some protein as well.

Low Cal Palak Soup, Quick Spinach Soup
Low Cal Palak Soup, Quick Spinach Soup

In soups like Mushroom Soup and Cream of Celery Soup, the protein content is enhanced by the addition of milk. To your surprise we have also used protein packed nuts like almonds and paired them with broccoli to make Broccoli and Almond Soup

Broccoli and Almond Soup, Protein Rich RecipeBroccoli and Almond Soup, Protein Rich Recipe

These soups apart from lending protein to your diet, also are a good source of calcium and both these nutrients together pair up to build strong bones and aid in the growth of cell membrane.

Protein Rich Soups using Paneer

½ cup of paneer yields approx. 10 g of protein. This is a lot in reality. While paneer based subzis feature the most in North Indian menus, here we have attempted to recreate the taste of paneer in soups. Chopped paneer works the best for soups. For an Indian version of paneer based soup try your hand at Paneer and Spinach Soup (7.1 g of protein / serving) and if you want to please your guests with some international flavours, then opt for Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Thai Soup ( 2.9 g of protein / serving). Both these soups are a good way of stocking up on antioxidants and fiber as well. These nutrients aid in weight loss and build a healthy immune system too. 

Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Thai SoupPaneer and Mixed Vegetable Thai Soup

Whey soup is another protein boost, in which the whey (the water that remains behind after making paneer) is used to create a magical soup. Further, the prepared paneer is cut into cubes and added to whey. Its worth trying this unique soup and piling on some protein (2.5 g per / serving). 

Protein Rich Soups using Dals and Pulses 

Pulses and Legumes can be put to use to create delicacies like Rajma and Spinach SoupMoong SoupLentil and Vegetable Broth and many more. These soups made using dals and pulses are very filling as they abound in fiber. Most of these soups can make a part of your main meal. Accompany them with a healthy salad and you are all set for a healthy meal. This kind of Soup and Salad meal is sure to please you and relieve you of the guilt of over-eating the previous day at a party. These protein rich soups are a way to make up for all necessary nutrients while not compromising on taste and flavour. 

Lentil and Vegetable Broth, One Dish MealLentil and Vegetable Broth, One Dish Meal

Protein Rich Weight Loss Soups using Sprouts

Sprouts are known as a weight-watchers best friend. They are not only easy to digest, but the process of sprouting increases the count of most of the other nutrients it is rich in. These protein rich sprouts, which are used to make healthy soups, helps to boost metabolism and give a feeling of fullness. This would definitely avoid bingeing on unhealthy recipes then. 

Try protein rich soups like Garlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with Spinach (7.9 g of protein / serving). To get a double dose of protein combine sprouts with paneer to make a tempting delicacy like Paneer Bean Sprouts and Spring Onion Soup.

Garlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with SpinachGarlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with Spinach

Enjoy our high protein soup recipes and do try our other high protein recipes from the options below.

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Nourishing Barley Soup recipe
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Broccoli and Almond Soup, Protein Rich Recipe recipe
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Who can refuse a cup of creamy Mushroom Soup! And if you were told that it is a healthy version, you would enjoy it all the more. Mushrooms have a low carbohydrate level, and hence a low glycemic index too, which makes it a helpful ingredient for diabetics. Being rich in potassium, mushrooms also ke ....
Paneer and Spinach Soup recipe
The protein-packed paneer and spinach soup is a meal in a bowl! generous use of moong dal, paneer and spinach make it extremely nourishing and filling, while the onion and pepper bring in their soothing yet sharp flavours.
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Rajma and Spinach Soup ( Soups and Salads Recipe ) recipe
Succulent and subtle, this delicately flavoured soup is made from an unusual combination, that of rajma and spinach. So health-wise you have a protein-enriched meal. The pairing of flavours is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Enjoy it as a good beginning to your meal and add some ....
Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Thai Soup recipe
The Paneer and Mixed Vegetable Thai Soup is a sumptuous Oriental soup that features a large assortment of sautéed veggies, greens, sprouts, herbs and paneer, cooked in a flavourful vegetable stock that has the refreshing aroma of lemongrass. Kind of like a hot pot, this Paneer and Mixed Vegeta ....
Moong Soup with Paneer, How To Make Moong Soup recipe
Using moong dal in a soup makes for an innovative Indian recipe! Soft, pressure-cooked moong dal actually lends itself as a grainy and creamy base. Flavoured with a tadka of cumin seeds, mustard and pepper in ghee, the soup is not ready to serve until you add s ....
Lentil and Spinach Soup ( Calcium Rich) recipe
This hearty soup hosts an abundance of calcium from lentils and spinach. Try it once and you are sure to go for a second helping.
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Paneer, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onion Soup recipe
Sometimes, some soups taste so heavenly you cannot believe they do not have any butter or cream in them! The Paneer, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onion Soup is one such simple yet pleasing soup made without adding any unnecessary fat. It is enriched with paneer and bean sprouts, making it an excellent so ....
Spinach, Paneer and Dal Soup recipe
A lip-smacking soup using low-fat paneer. Spinach, Paneer and Dal Soup being rich in calcium and protein helps to maintain bone strength and repair damaged tissues.
Garlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with Spinach recipe
Some of life’s greatest pleasures and most valuable treasures come in simple packages! This Garlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with Spinach is a perfect example. Loads of nutrients and remarkable taste are attained with minimal ingredients and an easy procedure! Spinach and moong are protein and iron ....
Spinach and Paneer Soup recipe
Onions and black pepper add a wonderful flavour to this spinach based soup while paneer gives a rich texture. Generally, mild flavours are preferred during the first trimester, but if you yearn for – and can comfortably handle – a little more spice, add one or two cloves of garlic or a quarter or a ....
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