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पौष्टिक लोह युक्त सूप - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Iron Rich Indian Soups recipes in Hindi)
આયર્ન ભરવામાં સૂપ રેસિપીઝ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Iron Rich Indian Soups recipes in Gujarati)

Iron Rich Soups, High Iron Indian Soups | Veg

Iron Rich Soup Recipes |  High Iron Indian Veg Soup Recipes | A hot bowl of soup is always pleasing. When you have been advised to boost your iron levels so as to increase your RBC count and you are bored to use greens and sprouts suggested by your dietitian to make rotis and salads, turn to this section.

Thai Style Pumpkin Soup
Thai Style Pumpkin Soup

Iron Rich Indian Soups using Beans / Pulses

Yes, greens are more typically considered as a great source of iron. But pulses and beans also provide enough iron. Moong, matki, chick peas, masoor and rajma are common pulses which can be used create delectable soups. Try the famous North Indian style Rajma Soup. It is sure to please any palate. A unique combo of pulses can also be seen in the recipe of Whole Masoor and Chawli Soup.

To get an added boost of iron, try sprouting the pulses and then using them to make soups like Garlicky Moong Sprouts.

Garlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with SpinachGarlicky Moong Sprouts Soup with Spinach

Iron Rich Indian Soups using Green Leafy Vegetables

Lettuce, spinach and coriander are the most common greens put to use in making soups. These greens have been effectively used to conjure up recipes like Spinach and Baby Corn Soup and Lettuce and Cauliflower Soup.

A wise way would be to combine a pulse or dal with greens to make healthy and nourishing combos like Spinach and Rajma Soup and Lentil Tomato and Spinach Soup.

Lettuce and Cauliflower SoupLettuce and Cauliflower Soup

Cereals in Iron Rich Soups

Cereals like quinoa are also a good choice to increase your iron reserves. Pair them with the famous green spinach and craft a high iron soup like Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup. This soup has a touch of vitamin C rich lemon juice which aids in the absorption of iron.

Try and add a hint of lemon juice to any iron rich you serve on the table. This is sure to boost iron uptake in the body. Remember to only stir or cook for minimal time after adding lemon juice to the soup, as vitamin C is volatile and some amount is lost on cooking and exposure to air.

Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss SoupLemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup

These variety of eye catching soups cannot fail to please your palate. Not only iron, but these soups are a great way to pump in some other nutrients like protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid etc. They are sure to kindle your appetite as much as you sip in.

Enjoy our Iron Rich Soup Recipes |  High Iron Indian Veg Soup Recipes | and other Iron rich articles below. 

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Rajma Soup, Kidney Bean Soup Recipe recipe
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Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup, Healthy and Weight Loss Soup recipe
Every time hunger strikes, are you at a loss what to cook, which will satiate your tummy and please your taste buds but not add to your inches? The Lemony Quinoa and Baby Spinach Soup is a brilliant choice. A super healthy and tasty soup, this will be loved by all, but is especially apt for a we ....
Coco Peanut Soup recipe
A rather rare combination of coconut milk and peanuts come together in this wholesome soup, which is further enhanced with chopped cucumber and tomatoes. A dash of cumin seeds, green chillies and fresh coriander give the coco peanut soup a memorable flavour, which you will remember for days to come.
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Tired of making run-of-the-mill soups with dal and vegetables? Here is an off-beat option prepared with Iron rich wholemasoor and chawli. Chawli is an extremely healthy iron rich green leafy vegetable but most people wonder how to prepare it such that it appeals to the whole family. This is a good w ....
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Spinach and Baby Corn Soup ( Healthy Soups and Salad Recipe) recipe
Have you ever felt that foods that are nice to look at, kindle your appetite even before you dig in? Well, that is sure to be true of this colourful soup, enriched with vitamin A and folic acid rich spinach. Baby corn adds crunch to this vibrant soup, while the vegetable stock pools in more nutrient ....
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