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इटैलियन दावत के व्यंजन - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Italian Party recipes in Hindi)
ઇટાલીયન પાર્ટીના વ્યંજન - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Italian Party recipes in Gujarati)

Penne with Creamy Vegetables recipe
A simple and delicious recipe.
Pumpkin Gnocchi Florentine recipe
Pumpkin dumplings tossed in a crunchy walnut, spinach and cottage cheese sauce. Ground nutmeg adds a delightful new twist to this traditional favourite. Semolina is used for binding the gnocchi along with plain flour as it imparts a delicious texture to the gnocchi. Choose firm, rich, orange colou ....
Spaghetti Verdi recipe
Spaghetti tossed in a spinach and cheese sauce with colourful vegetables makes a delightful recipe. The beautiful green colour and good coating quality of the sauce makes it useful when serving along with pasta for a lunch or dinner. The cheese spread blends beautifully to give a thick and creamy ....
Spaghetti with Crispy Bhindi, Brinjal and Basil Pesto recipe
Fried ladies finger and brinjal placed on spaghetti, topped with basil flavoured curd and pesto sauce.
Spinach Gnocchi with Mango and Green Onion Salsa recipe
This dish can be served as an appetiser or a main course. The sauce is unusually tangy. You can also toss the gnocchi (pronounced: 'nyoki') in any other sauce of your choice.
Stuffed Canneloni with Spinach and Cottage Cheese recipe
This dish baked with white sauce and cheese will delight all lovers of spinach.
Stuffed Potato Skins recipe
Crispy potato cups stuffed with mushrooms and sweet corn. Now, doesn't that sound like heaven? Use small potatoes, and this is an ideal cocktail accompaniment.
Sweet Corn and Kidney Bean Salad recipe
A colourful and tasty salad that is simple to make.
Tandoori Paneer Pizzas recipe
A protein-packed paneer topping gives a healthy twist to this all-time favourite with kids.
Tangy Italian Salad recipe
Firm ripe tomatoes are combined with cool cucumbers and crisp lettuce leaves tossed in low fat basil flavoured vinaigrette. Tomatoes provide vitamin A and fibre while lettuce and cucumbers contribute fibre as well as vitamin C and iron.
Tangy Mozzarella Cheese Sticks recipe
A cheesy delight served with a delicate, spicy and tangy tomato red wine sauce! Serve as a starter or evening tea snack or enjoy with a bowl of hot soup ....
Tex Mex Pizza recipe
Using flour tortillas as a base, top with beans, corn and cheese and then grill to make this tasty pizza.
Tortilla Lasagne recipe
Maize flour tortillas, interlaced with refried beans and lightly sauteed vegetables and topped with a capsicum sauce.
Whole Wheat Fettuccine with Medici Sauce recipe
A nutritious pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.
Zero Oil Purple Mogri Raita recipe
Radish pods of different varieties are available in India only during the winter months. They have a unique taste, which is enjoyably spicy, and can be cooked in various ways. Here, we have made a scrumptious and refreshing Zero Oil Purple Mogri Raita with the purple radish pods. Spiced up with ....
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