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जैन दाल, जैन कढी़ - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Jain Dal, Jain Kadhi recipes in Hindi)
જૈન દાળ વાનગીઓ, પરંપરાગત જૈન કઢી વાનગીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Jain Dal, Jain Kadhi recipes in Gujarati)

Chhuta Moong Dal recipe
Unlike the usual dal preparations, this is a dry dish made with moong dal pepped up with a simple tempering and common spice powders. Chhuta means separate, and the beauty of this Gujarati delicacy lies in being able to feel each grain of the moong dal in your mouth. In order to achieve this, you mu ....
Buttermilk Rasam recipe
A delicious south indian rasam recipe. . Serve this piping hot with rice or idlis!
Cucumber Kottu recipe
Best serveed hot. . . Both cucumber and moong dal are delicious and healthy and when combined they make a delicious recipe.
Easy Lachko Dal recipe
This dal can be eaten with chapati, bhakari or garmagaram with garnished coriander leaves.
Green Tomato Pappu recipe
Green tomato pappu presents an exciting combination of lentils like tuar dal with tomatoes and green chillies. A lentil recipe, the tomato pappu is spiced up with garlic, chilli paste and then enjoyed tempered with grated coconut, chopped coriander leaves and mustard seeds.
Instant Pepper Rasam recipe
It has to be served hot with plain rice and papad. A delicious hot spicy rasam!
Lemon Rasam  By Krithishyam recipe
A nice, easy and spicy lemon rasam recipe with lime juice and lemon rind added. The tangy lemon rasam can be served hot with rice or enjoyed simply as a soup.
Mango Rasam recipe
This rasam can be taken as soup. Serve it with desi ghee and rice its feast for food loving people.
Moong Dal Khilma recipe
Moong dal khilma is a spicy lentil curry recipe with moong dal cooked with spice powders, slit chillies and ginger juliennes. Enjoy the hot khilma sprinkled with lime juice and chopped coriander leaves with naan, roti or rice.
Pepper Rasam  By apar recipe
1. pepper rasam is a very good cure for cold, cough, indigestion, constipation.
2. if you want the rasam to be hot, then in the seasoning you can add one red chilli.
3. when boiling rasam, keep the flame medium. also cover the rasam with a lid so that the aroma is not lost.
Pepper Rasam  By Pearlie recipe
Enjoy the delectable flavour of pepper in this pepper rasam recipe and serve as soup or curry with steamed rice. Pepper is a wonder herb when it comes to relieving digestive complaints and also in clearing blocked noses.
Rasam  By mathivanand recipe
Do not let rasam boil, in order to prevent loss of taste
Rasam  By richarohit recipe
A nice easy and spicy tuar dal rasam recipe. The delicious rasam can be served with rice or enjoyed simply as a soup.
Rasam  By rujutag recipe
Rasam is a popular tangy and spicy South Indian lentil recipe cooked in a typical South Indian style. Enjoy hot rasam with steamed rice or as soup with breads of choice.
Rasam  By subhasrim recipe
A nice easy and spicy rasam recipe, A South Indian lentil soup with tomato paste. The hot and tangy rasam can be served with rice or enjoyed simply as a soup.
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