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जैन सूप की रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Jain Soups recipes in Hindi)
જૈન સૂપ રેસિપિ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Jain Soups recipes in Gujarati)

Pepper Rasam  By apar recipe
1. pepper rasam is a very good cure for cold, cough, indigestion, constipation.
2. if you want the rasam to be hot, then in the seasoning you can add one red chilli.
3. when boiling rasam, keep the flame medium. also cover the rasam with a lid so that the aroma is not lost.
Pepper Rasam  By Pearlie recipe
Enjoy the delectable flavour of pepper in this pepper rasam recipe and serve as soup or curry with steamed rice. Pepper is a wonder herb when it comes to relieving digestive complaints and also in clearing blocked noses.
Soya Rasam recipe
Powered with the goodness of soybeans, the Soya rasam brings a lovely healthy twist to the basic lentil based rasam recipe. The cooked soybeans are blended and then simmered in tamarind water along with rasam powder. Enjoy as soup or with steamed rice.
Spicy Indian Pumpkin Soup recipe
Its spicy pumpkin soup recipe and tasty also.
Sweet Corn Soup  By 234av recipe
Boil the soup on slow temperature
Sweet Corn Soup  By rosykiran recipe
Always keep a few cans of cream style corn handy so that you can make corn soup and other snacks in a few minutes.
Tom-corn Soup recipe
Get ready to enjoy a hearty bowl of tom-corn soup with this delicious hot soup recipe. A favorite tomato soup recipe with corn tossed over in the tom-corn soup renders is a novel taste and texture. Find many healthy and delicious soup recipes at
Tomato and Maize Soup recipe
1.choose big red tomatoes only.the juice in it is max.

2.occasionally check the tomatoes and the corn whether it has boiled enough.

Tomato Rasam  By harithab recipe
A staple in south Indian households, Tomato rasam can be enjoyed as soup or as a curry with boiled rice. The spicy and tangy taste of tomatoes get complemented with onion, pepper, cumin and garlic.
Tomato Rasam  By mallika51 recipe
A nice easy and spicy tomato rasam recipe. Tomato rasam can be served with rice or enjoyed simply as a soup.
Tomato Rasam  By mrspriyavijay recipe
Similarly, rasams can be made without tomatoes.

another variety is to prepare rasam with lime juice, instead of
tamarind and tomatoes. in this variety, yellow Moong beans are cooked
and crushed ginger and green chilies are slit and added.
Tomato Rasam  By Saraswathy recipe
It is very good combination with rice. It is also good for the health as it contains jeera and pepper.
Tomato Rasam  By vidya_bhat recipe
Tomato rasam is a South Indian vegetable curry recipe cooked with chopped tomatoes which are simmered along with seasonings and then served hot with a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves.. Enjoy tomato rasam with steamed rice or simply as a hot soup with breads.
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