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खीर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Collection of Kheer recipes in Hindi)
ખીર / ફીરની - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Collection of Kheer recipes in Gujarati)

Dalia Khir recipe
Dalia khir is a creative kheer(sweetened milk) recipe with fiber dense dalia or broken wheat added to the milk during boiling. The dalia grains or laapsi are cooked with sugar, elaichi powder in the milk to prepare an awesome healthy dalia kheer.
Delicious Kheer recipe
A delicious kheer made with a combination of rice and sago. . Simply delicious!
Delicious Paneer Kheer recipe
Paneer kheer is an irrestible kheer (sweetened milk) recipe with paneer cut into small pieces added to the milk during boiling. The paneer cubes are cooked with sugar, elaichi powder in the milk to prepare an awesome tasting and healthy paneer kheer.
Doodh Kamal recipe
Doodh kamal is a specialty dessert recipe with milk and rice boiled together along with saffron, chopped nuts and cardamom. Serve this creamy delicious sweet extravaganza with rose petals and pistas as garnishing.
Faraali Snow Kheer recipe
This kheer is rich in calcium and carbohydrates. It has potato, milk, cashew and paneer.
Firni with Fruits and Nuts recipe
A diet rich in protein and vitamin D contributes to bone health.They are an abundant source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. provide fast and instant energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilize blood sugar levels, and slow down the aging process, while also providing an ....
Fruity Firni recipe
This delicacy can also be made faraal special by using arrowroot flour instead of maize flour.
Gajar ki Kheer recipe
With the delicious dilemma of carrots and milk a nutritious Indian dish of GAJJAR KI KHEER is made. an very easy and tasty recipe for the the effort saving people,especially during winters.
Gehu Kheer recipe
A gehun kheer recipe with gehun or whole wheat as ingredients. The kheer are typically prepared with rice, so this gehun kheer recipe brings a nice twist to the traditional kheer recipe. The wheat is much richer in fiber and lower in glycemic index and hence a preferred choice over rice for diabeti ....
Ghiya ki Kheer recipe
Ghiya ki kheer is a delicious sweet preparation made of Bottle gourd and milk filled with sweetness. A perfect Indian dessert.
Gobi ki Kheer recipe
Gobi ki kheer is a creative kheer(sweetened milk) recipe with boiled grated gobi added to the milk during boiling. The gobi or cauliflower gets cooked with sugar, elaichi powder in the milk to prepare an awesome and innovative gobi kheer. An unique sweet dish recipe to entice one and all.
Godhi payasam--wheat kheer recipe
Soak the broken wheat in milk for half an hour before you start to get more taste.
very healthy food for babies and children also.
Golden Fig and Date Kheer recipe
A rice kheer made special by addition of figs and dates. It is served cold, garnished with almonds and pistachios. If you want you can even serve it hot.
Gud ka Kheer recipe
Gud ka Kheer, good to serve during the Nav Durga Celeberations. The kheer is made with moong and rice and is sweetened with jaggery instead of sugar.
Gulabi Broken Wheat (lapsi) Kheer recipe
A good lip smacking kheer for all ages. Its truly a diwali delicacy with lots of nutrition.
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woow looks yummy,am not an indian but india is one of my favourite,and this kheer of yours is superb. I LOVE IT!!!
Tarla Dalal
04 Jan 18 08:54 AM
   Happy to know you have liked the recipe.. Do try more recipes and give us your feedback.. Happy Cooking!!