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मेक्सिकन चावल - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Mexican Rice recipes in Hindi)
મેક્સીકન ભાત - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Mexican Rice recipes in Gujarati)
Mexicans like a meal of rice topped with a mouth-watering gravy! Rice with other ingredients mixed in, is also used as a stuffing for burritos. Try some of Mexico’s rice wonders like the Coconut Curry with Fried Rice , Mexican Fried Rice, and Mexican Rice.

Of Mexican origin, this dish has travelled across the globe and won many fans! Coconut Curry with Fried Rice is relatively easy to make. The rice is prepared quickly and easily by tossing it in butter, with spring onions and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Each portion of rice is topped with a luscious Coconut Curry, which houses myriad colourful veggies, and is flavoured excitingly with a paste of red chillies and garlic.

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Mexican Rice ( Quick Recipe ) recipe
This mexican rice is a quick version and very easy to make. . . It has ingredients which are readily available. All age groups will surely relish this recipe. . . This rice can even be enjoyed in tiffin boxes. . . .
Mexican Fried Rice,  Quick Recipe recipe
Quick, easy and snazzy, the Mexican Fried Rice is a recipe that will strike the right chord with everyone. The peppy taste and strong aroma of ginger garlic paste along with the crunch of veggies and the tang of tomatoes makes this a really delectable treat for your palate. The varied textur ....
Coconut Curry with Fried Rice recipe
Of Mexican origin, this dish has travelled across the globe and won many fans! Coconut Curry with Fried Rice is relatively easy to make, sumptuous and has a mind-blowing flavour... what more can you ask for! The rice is prepared quickly and easily by tossin ....
Cheesy Pepper Rice, Mexican Cheesy Pepper Rice recipe
However much we might love our traditional rice-dishes like pulao , khichdi and biryani , there are times when we w ....
Mexican Rice (  Zero Oil Dal and Chawal) recipe
The use of vibrant red chilli flakes, mealy kidney beans, peppy capsicum and pungent garlic make the Mexican character of this dish very clear indeed. This rice delicacy is made without oil, and using brown rice instead of white to enhance the fibre content. Moreover, lots of fibre-rich and nutritio ....
Mexican Rice recipe
Sautéed vegetables, boiled rajma, a sprinkling of chili flakes and steamed rice come together in this delicious Mexican rice. Great for a working lunch, and works as well as the rice dish for a party lunch or dinner.
Colorado Mexican Rice recipe
Discover the superb taste of Colorado Mexican rice, a rice recipe which has been flavored with a blend of pureed roasted vegetables and stir fried with peas, carrots, and tomatoes. Melted cheese as topping simply finishes off this irrestible dish in a true culinary delight.
Mexican Chilli Bean Rice recipe
A mildly spiced mexican rice preparation with kidney beans and bell peppers
Mexican Fried Rice  By Josephine Joseph recipe
Mexican fried rice is a Mexican cuisine inspired rice recipe. The rice is roasted in a skillet with onion and garlic until golden brown and then steamed with tomato puree and spices. Discover an easy way of preparing delicious Mexican fried recipe with this simple rice recipe.
Mexican Rice  By anumt recipe
1.can garnish with cubed tomatoes too.

Mexican Rice  By ksphanse recipe
Mexican rice is rice roasted in a skillet with garlic and onions until light brown, then steamed or simmered with tomato puree and spices. Discover how to make Mexican Rice using our easy to make Mexican Rice recipes . Share and Recommend Mexican Rice recipes.

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