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सूखी सब्जी़ रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Sukhi Sabzis recipes in Hindi)
સુકા શાક રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Sukhi Sabzis recipes in Gujarati)

Spicy Potatoes recipe
A delicious preparation of potatoes spiced up with chillies and spices. Serve as a snack or with rotis.
Spicy Roasted Potatoes recipe
Drinks lovers will enjoy this as a "chaakana"
Stuffed Bhindi   By shachi_rana recipe
A delicious vegetable recipe, stuffed bhindi is truly a culinary delight. The crispy bhindis with a spicy stuffing taste wonders when served with Parathas.
Stuffed Bhindi  By doker recipe
Stuffed bhindi (stuffed lady finger) is an irrestible vegetable dish with the lady fingers or bhindi slit lengthwise and stuffed with a spicy stuffing comprising of spice powders, onion, garlic, ginger and roasted peanut powder. Shallow fry the stuffed bhindis with choicest spice powders and serve s ....
Stuffed Bhindi  By sgambhir recipe
Stuffed bhindi (stuffed lady finger) is a specialty dish with lady fingers or bhindi slit lengthwise and stuffed with coconut, salt, spices and coriander leaves. Shallow fry the stuffed lady fingers with choicest spice powders and serve spicy hot with roti.
Stuffed Bhindi  By shachi_rana recipe
A nice vegetable recipe, stuffed bhindi is a combination of spice powders and ginger-garlic paste stuffed in bhindis or slit lady fingers. A simple and delightful bhindi recipe for special parties..
Stuffed Bhindi Fry recipe
This is a great veg side dish with dal or dahi kadhi.
Stuffed Bhindi with Cottage Cheese recipe
Stuffed bhindi with cottage cheese is an innovative stuffed bhindi recipe with an unique filling of crumbled paneer. Enjoy this delicious stuffed recipe simmered in a tomato gravy with chapattis.
Stuffed Capsicum  By kamalacute recipe
An amazing vegetable recipe, the Stuffed capsicum has the capsicum scooped out and then filled with a spicy mixture in the capsicum hollow. The shimla mirch or capsicum stuffed with boiled potato mixture is a lovely side dish with rotis or parathas.
Stuffed Capsicum  By radharam recipe
A easy stuffed capsicum recipe with deseeded capsicum cups stuffed with a tempting mix of mashed potatoes, grated cheese, and spices. Serve the stuffed capsicum as a dry vegetable dish or with a tomato-onion based rich gravy.
Stuffed Capsicum  By reje recipe
These stuffed capsicums can be also put in gravy and used as side dish with rice or rotis.
Stuffed Capsicum  By vinodsharma recipe
A stuffed capsicum recipe with a prepared spice mix or boiled nad mashed potato masala filled in the deseeded capsicum opr shimla mirch cups evenly. A spicy capsicum dish which is tasty and yet easy to prepare. Serve the stuffed capsicum dry or with gravy.
Stuffed Karela  By tomshah recipe
A traditional stuffed karela recipe with bitter gourds slit and stuffed with a masaledaar mixture. Enjoy this spicy and bitter stuffed karela with rotis.
Stuffed Karela  By vinodsharma recipe
The delicious stuffed karela or bitter gourds recipe for both karela lovers and those who shy away from the bitter karela taste. The spicy onion masala stuffing works wonders with karela and potatoes. The stuffed karelas are best enjoyed with roti.
Stuffed Karela (low Fat) recipe
The delicious and low fat stuffed bitter gourds (karela) recipe which is going to appeal to all. The spicy onion masala stuffing in the slit karelas or bitter gourd work wonders and is best enjoyed with paranthas.
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