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बर्गर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Hindi)
બર્ગર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Gujarati)

50 Veggie Burger Recipes, Indian Vegetable Burger Recipe Collection

Add a smoothie to your burger, and it becomes a satiating meal! Yes, indeed, Veggie Burgers are amongst the most filling of snacks. Like sandwiches, they are also extremely versatile. You can customize it to perfectly suit your taste.

Whether you like to have a healthy burger made with whole wheat buns, a baked patty, lots of veggies and no cheese, or a fully-loaded one with deep-fried patties, crispy lettuce, juicy vegetables and double the cheese, you can make your burger exactly as you want it.

From our Veggie Burger Recipes we start with the basic Vegetable Burger which is mixed vegetables patty with coleslaw. We suggest you try our Homemade Burger Buns for making burgers. Don't forget the most common burger, the Veggie Burger.

Indian Veggie Burger collection

Everyone has paneer at home, so Paneer and Corn Burger will almost be a meal in itself. If you love spicy food, then you must surely try making this Spicy Paneer Burger. You can even make a simple patty using just one vegetable, the Aloo Tikki Burger is similar to what you get outside and will surely be adored by the kids. The Rajma Burger will surely be loved by the Punjabi and something like the Pav Bhaji Burger or Tava Cheese Burger with the spicy Indian touch is not only easy to make but also, delicious and filling.

Popular starter hara bhara cutlet can be transformed into a delectable burger by combining it with marinated paneer and onion rings to make Hara bhara burger. For street food lovers, there is the Batata Vada Burger with the famous Indian stree.

International Veggie Burgers

You would have heard of Chinese bhel, Chinese dosa but definitely not a Chinese burger in which the spread is Schezuan Sauce. The Lebanese Falafel Burger features kabuli chana cutlet, and is served with tabbouleh. For Pizza lovers we have the Burger Bun Open Pizza.

Try your hands on these amazing burgers and share with us your feedback.

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Homemade Burger Buns recipe
Burgers are great fun to make at home because you can stash in all the wonderful things you like, leaving out the stuff you aren’t particularly fond of! Try this recipe and you will realize that it is even more fun to make it from scratch, including the buns. These Homemade Burger Buns are super ....
Rajma Burger ( Burgers and Smoothies Recipe) recipe
Choose the Rajma Burger when you want to ensure a unique menu for your party! With a rajma and paneer cutlet, and a unique curd-based spring onion spread that is very uncommon in burgers, this one is sure to impress your guests. Since this burger does not use cheese, serve it with mozzarella sti ....
Paneer and Green Peas Burger ( Tiffin Treats) recipe
Your kids will jump with joy and thank you for this sumptuous treat! A succulent cutlet of paneer and coarsely crushed green peas gives an exciting twist to this crunchy, juicy, satiating burger. Eggless mayonnaise provides the required creaminess, while veggies and lettuce impart an enjoyable crunc ....
Aloo Tikki Burger recipe
Even international food chains are introducing a touch of Indian magic in their burgers and pizzas, because of the tongue-tickling taste and rich texture that they give. This Aloo Tikki Burger is a perfect example. It brings into burgers the unbridled fun of Indian food. Aloo Tikki made of potat ....
Vegetable Burgers recipe
The patty for this Vegetable Burger is very different, and you will realize that as soon as you take the first bite! The addition of garam masala and ginger, green chilli pastes to the mashed vegetables imparts a tangy twist to the tava-cooked patty, making it a treat to the taste buds. The effe ....
Paneer and Corn Burger recipe
Crispy lettuce, freshly sliced veggies and a cheesy corn patty—what more can you ask for in a burger! Paneer and corn go very well together in the patty, and the coriander and chillies give them a well-deserved pep-up. Serve with french fries, for a complete meal. You can also try other
Creamy Salad Burger recipe
A burger minus the patty becomes a snack that you can prepare within minutes! Indeed, the Creamy Salad Burger is one such scrumptious snack that you can conjure up in a jiffy as it doesn’t require a patty. Yet it tastes simply too awesome to describe with mere words and is equally satiating too ....
Tava Cheese Burger, Quick Snack recipe
Imagine a burger cooked in total desi style – well, that’s what the Tava Cheese Burger is. Buttered and tava cooked burger buns are stuffed with an awesomely masaledar mixture of sautéed veggies and cheese flavoured with an assortment of spice powders including chatpata garam masala and chaat masala ....
Vegetable Burger recipe
Sumptuous burgers made with mixed vegetable patties, crisp lettuce, tomato sauce, and all the works. What makes this version of Vegetable Burger rather special is that the perfectly crisp, golden coloured patties are cooked on a non-stick tava with minimal oil, yet they taste as crisp and succulent ....
Open Bean Burger recipe
Tangy and lip-smacking, these Open Bean Burgers are truly irresistible! Made of crisp buttery buns loaded with a mixture of sautéed onions, green chillies, baked beans, spaghetti and tomato ketchup, mellowed down with a light dash of white sauce, every mouthful of this sumptuous snack is a splurge o ....
Open Vegetable and Corn Burger recipe
Colourful veggies and juicy sweet corn kernels bound together by a creamy white sauce, are loaded onto a fresh and soft burger bun, topped generously with cheese, and grilled till the cheese melts and coats the whole creation. Really, the Open Vegetable and Corn Burger has everything that children l ....
Vegetable Burger, Snack recipe
Any time is burger time! A quick snack that you can grab on-the-go or make in a jiffy, but capable of satiating a hungry tummy, the Vegetable Burger has stood the test of time and remained a favourite across continents for years. Resplendent with a deep-fried vegetable cutlet, topped with cole ....
Whole Wheat Vegetable Burger recipe
Spicy cutlets made with broken wheat and vegetables are stuffed between nourishing, fibre-rich whole wheat buns, to make a low-fat treat packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A. The cutlets in this Whole Wheat Vegetable Burger are cooked on a non-stick tava with minimal ....
Chinese Burger ( Burgers and Smoothies Recipe) recipe
You would have heard of chinese bhel, chinese dosa, and so on… but definitely not a chinese burger! this unique recipe is sure to be a huge hit with any audience. The spread makes use of schezuan sauce, to give a tangy, spicy touch, and cabbage leaves are used instead of lettuce to enhance the chine ....
Burger Bun Open Pizza recipe
Pizza in a jiffy, anyone? When your kids turn up from school and want to have pizza, and nothing but it, or when you feel like treating them to their favourite snack for no reason, try making this Burger Bun Open Pizza. The buns are loaded with a colourful combo of veggies, perked up with herbs and ....
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