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बर्गर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Hindi)
બર્ગર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Gujarati)

Beet This Burger recipe
Beet this Burger - Healthy Burger!!
Burger recipe
Burger is an all time favorite recipe which is adored by both children and adults alike. The burger buns are slit and filled with a vegetable patties along with cheese slice.
Chak De Burger recipe
Chak De Burger is a complete burger with all the necessary ingredients require to make a filling appetite.
Chessy Green Burger recipe
Yummy Cheesy Burger sandwiched with green layers. Relish it!!
Chick Pea and Corn Burger recipe
Delicious chickpea patties with sweetness of corn and sweet-spicy ketchup in burger buns.
Curd Burger recipe
every body like this burger
Fatafat Burger recipe
It is a very easy burger that i gernally make to avoid the fried cutlet and the time that it consumes. I use the ingredients that are always there at the house and nothing to cook at all.
Healthy Vegetable Burger recipe
Vegetable burger is a healthy and delicious vegetarian burger recipe. Grated paneer and mashed boiled potatoes are made into a tikki( patties or cutlet) and roasted or shallow fried. The vegetable tikki or patty is then placed between the burger buns. An excellent snack and packed lunch, Tiffin opti ....
Homemade Burgers recipe
Prepare homemade burgers with this simple vegetable burger recipe. The burger buns are spread with a spicy garlic, lime juice and salt paste and then topped with cucumber slices, potato discs and tomato circles. Bake the homemade burgers on the tawa with butter and relish with sauce of choice.
Jain Open Burger recipe
Open Burger is a combination of Burger Pattce and Bruschetta Breads. It is usually served with Salads.
Mexican Burger recipe
Burger with cutlet of vegetables commonly used in Mexican cuisine.
Mini Rice Burgers recipe
A burger made using left over rice. A delicious way to use leftover rice!
Mushroom Burger recipe
Delicious Mushroom Burger!!!
Noodles Bread Pakoda Burger recipe
Bread pakoda and noodles combined together to make a unique and tasty burger which is mouth watering for all the ages.
Pistachio Veggie Burger recipe
Burger with crunchy and gooey pistachio cheese patties and Garlic Herb Mayonnaise.
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