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बर्गर - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Hindi)
બર્ગર - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Veggie Burgers Collection recipes in Gujarati)

Mini Rice Burgers recipe
A burger made using left over rice. A delicious way to use leftover rice!
Mushroom Burger recipe
Delicious Mushroom Burger!!!
Noodles Bread Pakoda Burger recipe
Bread pakoda and noodles combined together to make a unique and tasty burger which is mouth watering for all the ages.
Pistachio Veggie Burger recipe
Burger with crunchy and gooey pistachio cheese patties and Garlic Herb Mayonnaise.
Pizza Burgers recipe
Burgers with pizza taste. . Enjoy as cheese oozez out with every bite. .
Potato Cheese Burgers recipe
Potato and cheese burgers makes a filling snack either for breakfast or for lunch. The size of the burgers and the buns can be modified as per individual taste. The burgers can be eaten as is as an appetizer too with some ketchup or green chutney
Rajma Burger recipe
Rajma Burger, Burger is an all time favourite snacks of kids and elders, but try this rajma tikki stuffed burger.
Savory Burgers recipe
A tempting Savory burgers recipe with burger patties made from rolled oats,potatoes,chopped nuts and onions. The burger patties are shallow fried and then served with burger buns and mushroom sauce as meal or snack dish.
Soya Burgers recipe
Soya burgers is an easy and healthy snack recipe which can be infact even enjoyed as mini meal. The soya chunks and potatoes based patties or cutlets are deep fried and then served with hamburger buns with grated cheese, tomato slices and lettuce as filling. Enjoy with sauce as breakfast, snack or t ....
Tasty Paneer and Corn Burger recipe
A simple burger recipe with patties made from paneer and corn used as a filling between the buns, paneer and corn burger makes for an excellent snacking option for children. Enjoy this healthy variation to typical potato based burger recipe with ketchup.
Tofu Burger recipe
A thick chunk of marinaded and grilled tofu makes a satisfying veggie burger
Veg Burger recipe
Veg burger is a nice way of sneaking in vegetables in the child's favorite burger recipe,. The shallow fried vegetable cutlet is placed in the burger buns along with cheese, tomato slices and then enjoyed hot with ketchup.
Veggie  Burgers recipe
Veggies Delight Burger recipe
Its a health burger which all the kids love as well as adults too it is easy to made n prepare in few minutes without and big preparations have to done.
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