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मिल्कशेक और स्मूदीस् - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Milkshakes & Smoothies recipes in Hindi)
મીલ્કશેક અને સ્મૂધીસ્ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Milkshakes & Smoothies recipes in Gujarati)

Melon and Mango Smoothie recipe
Delightful smoothie prepared using mango and musk melon. It is a great fruity and healthy beverage. You and your family will love this refreshing super easy smoothie.
Mexican Chocolate Shake recipe
An easy Mexican chocolaty delight for all chocolate lovers!
Minty Kiwifruit Cucumber Smoothie recipe
As the name suggests it is a smoothie made from kiwifruit with the combination of honey dew melon and english cucumber. This smoothie is also full of fiber, potassium and vitamin C.
mixed fruit delight recipe
You may add mint leaves instead of basil.
Mixed Fruit Milkshake recipe
Nutritious, tasty and delicious banana and mango milk shake with grapes and pomegranate pearls.
Mixed Melon Smoothie recipe
Mixed melon smoothies present a quick and easy way to add healthy and fiber rich melons to your diet. Learn the basics of making a nutritious fruit smoothie with this easy and delicious fruit smoothie recipe.
Mocktail Fruity Smoothie. recipe
A smoothie with yummy mixed fruits.
Muskmelon  Milkshake recipe
Muskmelon Milkshake, it is melon base and rich milkshake. Best to serve at breakfast.
Nourishing Milk recipe
Nourishing milk is a flavoured and sweetened milk recipe which can be a delicious way of incorporating milk in a child's diet. Rich in calcium and protein, nutritious milk should be a part of your daily menu.
Nutella and Hazelnut Milkshake recipe
It's a tasty chocolate milkshake. Kids favourite! It's easy to make and tasty to drink.
Nutritious Apple and Date Smoothie recipe
Nutritious Apple and Date Smoothie, a blend of apple and date with milk or soya milk, ice cream and dry fruits. Enjoy this tasty smoothie for breakfast.
Oreo Ice- Cream Shake recipe
Oreo Ice- Cream Shake, a nice and thick shake made with everyone's favourite cookies - Oreo. It's nice and chocolaty and the addition of vanilla ice-cream imparts a a lovely aroma. Very easy to make, children just love it and is very filling.
Oreo Milk Shake recipe
This milk shake is enjoyed by kids. This calcium rich recipe.
Papaya Milkshake with A Twist recipe daughter Sarthika does not like at all so dimag ka bati ghumaya aur milkshake banadala with a lil twist...n she says its yummy mom...infact for garnishing she gv me idea to put chocolate so kids love it...
Passion & Mango Smoothie recipe
1. use a sieve to collect seeds of passion fruit. it will be easier to juice.
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