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छेन्ना रेसिपी, पनीर के जायके - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Chenna recipes in Hindi)
છેન્ના / પનીરની વાનગીઓ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Chenna recipes in Gujarati)

Kiwi Sandesh recipe
Kiwi Sandesh, rich and cardamom flavoured paneer placed on top of the ripe kiwi slices.
Low Calorie Shahi Tukra recipe
This delicious recipe is also called mitthi dabrotri where mitthi means sweet and dabrotari means bread. This is a mouth watering sindhi recipe which is often during cold wintry mornings.
Mango Cream Ball recipe
You can use any fruit like strawberry , pineapple, orange.
Mango Paneer Delight recipe
Mango paneer delight is very delish and easy to make dessert . You can attract your guests with this recipe . I made this for one party and it was a big hit. Paneer gives this recipe to a crunchy texture.
Mutter - Paneer Rabdi recipe
A fiber and calcium rich low calorie rabdi...Can be enjoyed as it is or serve it as a dip with sweet chilla or sweet debra or top it on gulab jamun or rasgulla.
Norom  Paak  Aam  Sandesh recipe
Summer in India is synonymous to mango for foodies .... Sandesh is one of the fabulous dessert in Bengal .I make here norom paak aam sandesh , which is really delicious in my family . Paak means cooked .The kneaded channa which is cooked very little to achieve a melt in mouth is called NOROM PAAK . ....
Nutty Rolls With Plum Sauce recipe
This is an unusual combination of nuts with mawa and fruits.
Orange and Pear Stuffed Kalakand recipe
India is a diverse nation and its diversity is reflected in its foods which every state has to offer. Every Indian state is known for its own set of traditional sweets . But Kalakand is one such sweets which is relished by one and all. This is one of the most scrumptious sweet in North and Eas ....
Orange Rasmalai recipe
Yummy and tasty mouthwatering rasmalai in orange flavour.
Orangie recipe
A sweet made using paneer and oranges. . . . Yummy and delicious!
Paneer Appe recipe
A healthy traditional sweet made softer and calcium rich with panner.
Paneer Barfi recipe
Paneer burfi is a traditional indian mithai or sweet dish recipe prepared from freshly made paneer or cottage cheese. The paneer is crumbled and cooked with sugar and nuts and then spread on a greased thali. Cut the paneer burfi in any desired shape and serve garnished with pista shavings.
Paneer Cashew Masti recipe
A delicious snow white combination made of paneer, rich in calcium and nuts.
Paneer Coconut Balls recipe
Tiny balls made with grated coconut, paneer, mawa, dates and sugar. It is crispy on the outside and very soft and juicy and syrupy inside.
Paneer Delite recipe
A delicious and irrestible dessert item, paneer delight is prepared by layering the coffee soaked biscuits with creamy paneer and condensed milk topping. Enjoy the paneer delight chilled with cream, nuts and chocolate as decoration.
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