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बार्बेक्यू - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Barbeque recipes in Hindi)
બાર્બેક્યૂ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Barbeque recipes in Gujarati)

Sizzling Mushrooms in Salsa recipe
Mushrooms tossed in a fiery salsa makes a super appetizer or can even be used a pasta sauce if it is thinned down with a little wine and cream.
Spicy Baby Corn recipe
A tempting blend of spices is used to marinate baby corn in this recipe...... feel free to use any other ingredients of your choice in place of the baby corn.
Suran Chana Dal Seekh Kebabs recipe
An unusual combination of flavours and ingredients creates a sumptuous snack that is sure to tickle your taste buds. Makes a great burger filling too.
Soya Kababs recipe
Tasty and nutritious kebabes made with soya beans and other hot ingredients like chillies and condiments. A yummy snack and starter.
Jain Kebabs recipe
Jain kebab is made from mashed raw bananas which are mixed with semolina, paneer and spice powder. Enjoy these vegetarian cutlets shallow fried with chutney or curd on your fasting days.
Hara Bara Kabab recipe
You may also shallow-fry the hara bhara kebab on a griddle plate or a
Kale Chane Ke Kebabs recipe
Kale chane ke kebab is a recipe of delicious and hot kebabs made with black chana and beaten rice mixed with various spices and coniments.
Green Paneer Kabab recipe
A delicious green coloured kebabs!!
Hara Bhara Kabab recipe

tip: you may also shallow-fry the hara bhara kabab on a griddle plate or a tawa.
Healthy Veg Kababs recipe
Jains not using bread can use poha.
Kala Chana Kabab recipe
Kala channa kebab is a simple kebab recipe with boiled and crushed kala chana made into kebabs and grilled or shallow fried to a crispy finish. Enjoy with chilli sauce and onion rings.
Mixed Vegetable Satays recipe
Bite into the crispy and spicy vegetable satay with sauce of your choice as starter or snack.
Moong Kabab recipe
Enjoy this tempting crispy moong dal kebab recipe with sauce of your choice as starter or snack. The moong dal kebab is created with boiled moong dal blended with vegetables and then roasted on a non stick pan with little oil. A delicious low cal and protein rich snack item to be served with green c ....
Nutri Kebabs recipe
Enjoy this tempting nutri kabab which is basically a veggie kabab recipe. Serve nutri kabab with any sauce of your choice as starter or snack. The nutri kabab is created with vegetables and black chana blended with other ingredients and then roasted on a non stick pan with little oil. A delicious lo ....
Nutritious Kababs recipe
Nutritious kabab is a vegetable kabab recipe with boiled kabuli chana, potatoes and sprouts as the main ingredient. Relish the nutritious kababs with coriander and mint chutney.
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