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માઇક્રોવેવ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Microwave recipes in Gujarati)

Macaroni Cheese Pears recipe
A quixk to make any time snack loved by kids!
Micro Bread Halwa recipe
Prepare Micro Bread Halwa in minutes using handy ingredients like soaked bread slices, sugar and chopped nuts in microwave. A quick dessert recipe for sudden guests.
Micro Cake recipe
Pour chocolate sauce for a saucy taste.
Micro Dhokla recipe
Micro dhokla is the recipe of the famous Gujarati Dhokla cooked in the microwave.
Micro Wheat Halwa recipe
Get ready to tempt your sweet tooth by preparing the tasty Micro wheat halwa quickly in a microwave oven. The roasted wheat flour based rava is cooked with ghee and sugar and then enjoyed mixed with saffron.
Microwave Badam Cake recipe
The badam cake will be soft and much less in
calories and very easy to make, unlike doing it on
a kadai and stirring for almost half hour.
Microwave Chocolate Souffle recipe
As the name itself suggests, its quick souffle with the taste of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Microwave Dhokla  By vishakha_p recipe
Relish the popular Gujarati snack, microwave dhokla with coriander chutney. The dal batter is steamed in a microwave, cut into sqaures and seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves and grated coconut. Microwave dhokla recipe is not only soft and delicious but also healthy and very quick to prepare.
Microwave Dhood Peda recipe
Serve it on a glass platter or a silver platter.
this is so easy to prepare and hardly takes any time at all.
it's just like one, two, three!
grease your palm before shaping them into balls, so that it does not stick onto to your hands.
Microwave Kadai Paneer recipe
Cook up delicious paneer recipes in minutes in microwave like microwave kadai Paneer , paneer mawa surprise, matar paneer, Shahi paneer and many more paneer recipes with
Microwave Kothimbir Vadi recipe
Kothimbir Vadi is spicy and crispy which makes it perfect for snacking. Kothimbir Vadi tastes especilly good when it's raining outside. Enjoy it hot with some tea or coffee.
Microwave Moist Dark Chocolate Cake recipe
This is a borrowed recipe nevertheless, an excellent one.if the centre of the cake looks undone after baking ,you could microwave it for 2 more mins on med-high.
Microwave Pulao recipe
A quick and easy to make pulao recipe.
Microwave Quick Poha Chivda recipe
Now since it is festival season, I had lot to prepare, so thought of making this quick microwave chivda to save time. The outcome is really the same as you do with the traditional method plus you require less oil so it is healthier too. So try out this quick microwave poha chiwda. I have ....
Milk Sweets recipe
Milk sweets is milk based sweet dish prepared from a combination of condensed milk with milk powder, chopped almonds and cardamom powder. A quick microwavable dessert recipe for all.
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