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Vegetarian Pop-Up Toaster Recipes

A pop-up toaster helps in toasting bread in a jiffy. It is fuss-free and helps to make toasted bread slices quickly. Just apply little butter, jam or sandwich spread and your delicious breakfast is ready! You can even cut them into cubes to make croutons which are far healthier than deep-fried croutons. Make soups like Cream Of Tomato Soup or Caesar Salad extra special with these crunchy toasted croutons.

Open Toast Sandwich Recipes

Mixed Vegetable Open ToastMixed Vegetable Open Toast

You can even top up toasted bread slices with an array of a mixture to create delicious open toasts. Cut them into strips or small triangles and serve with dip/sauce as party starters. Spread little-grated cheese and bake till the cheese melts, these gooey toasts can be served as an appetizing evening snack. We are sure both adults and kids will relish it! Some more delectable toast recipes that are sure to please your palate are as follows:

1. Cheesy Paneer and Parsley Toast

2. Mexican Veg Toast

3. Mixed Vegetable Open Toast

4. Cheesy Onion and Chilli Toast

Baked Carrot and Spring Onion Open Toast and Pav Bhaji Toast are sumptuous and irresistible toasts. When had with a bowl of soup it makes a satiating mini meal.

Toasted Sandwich Recipes

Masaledar Mixed Sprouts SandwichMasaledar Mixed Sprouts Sandwich

You can even make scrumptious sandwiches without griller or hand toaster. A dash of peppy chutneys, some vegetables and leafy greens will help you layer Veg Club Sandwich. If you are someone like me who has hummus stocked in their refrigerator, here is a recipe for delicious Toasted Hummus Sandwich with Vegetables. The Green Pea and Spring Onion Sandwich with a unique blend of the nuttiness of green peas, combined with the creamy mayonnaise, crunchy spring onions and tangy tomatoes are both a sumptuous and tasteful treat!

From healthy Masaledar Mixed Sprouts Sandwich to tongue-tickling Carrot and Cheese Fingers, explore our collection of incredible pop-up toaster recipes.

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Cheesy Paneer and Parsley Toast recipe
cheesy paneer parsley toast recipe | paneer parsley cheese open toast | paneer parsley toast | with amazing 10 pictures Long day at work and want to prepare something that is ready in a jiffy? “C ....
Crispy Spinach and Paneer Open Toasts recipe
spinach paneer toast | spinach paneer sandwich | palak paneer toast | spinach cottage cheese sandwich | with 17 amazing images. Lose yourself in the special texture and flavour of these
Whole Wheat Toasted Croutons ( Soups and Salads ) recipe
Crunchy croutons can make even a simple soup appear like an elegant and exotic treat. If it’s so easy to give your soup a perk-up, why not do it? These Whole Wheat Toasted Croutons take care of the health angle too. Made by toasting whole wheat bread without any oil, these croutons are much heal ....
Moong Dal Toast, Pan- Fried Moong Dal Toast recipe
A very unique treat, perfect to have for breakfast or as an after-school snack ! A coarse and thick batter of moong dal perked up with crunchy veggies and flavour enhancers like lemon juice, coriand ....
Mexican Veg Toast recipe
A crispy toast with crunchy veggies, the Mexican Veg Toast will be loved by all! It is wonderful for kids parties and get-togethers because it is an open toast and the very sight of the crisp bread topped with gooey cheese and colourful veggies like onions, tomatoes, capsicum and sweet corn, is ....
Open Paneer Masala Toast recipe
On a special day, make yourself this tasty Open Paneer Masala Toast for breakfast. With all the yummy ingredients sitting right on top of the crispy toast, this snack is guaranteed to tempt anybody it is placed in front of! The succulence of paneer together with the crunch of veggies like capsicum a ....
Palak Paneer Toast recipe
Palak and paneer have teamed up successfully in many dishes ranging from subzis to parathas . Here, they come together again to make a very exciting starter, the Palak Paneer Toast. ....
Toasted Hummus Sandwich with Vegetables recipe
A famous dip from the Middle East, Hummus features an amazing combo of chickpeas, garlic and curds. It has a nice texture, a bit of tang and a pungent taste, which are enhanced further in this recipe, by adding crunchy veggies, cheese, and a dash of herbs and spices. This multi-textured and ....
Veg Club Sandwich recipe
veg club sandwich recipe | Mumbai club sandwich | how to make restaurant style Indian club sandwich at home | veg club sandwich recipe is a highly satiating snack full of a variety of flavo ....
Sun-dried Tomato, Paneer and Basil Spread On Toast recipe
Tangy tomatoes, succulent paneer, fresh basil and perky green chillies, all in one flavourful Italian style spread, which sits perfectly atop a golden toast. Rich in nutrients, the Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Paneer and Basil Spread on Toast, is a snack that is sure to satiate your tummy and taste-buds. You ....
Cheesy Onion and Chilli Toast recipe
cheesy onion and chilli toast | Indian onion and cheese chilli brown bread toast | with amazing 11 images. Rainy day and want to prepare something really luscious for your family to enjoy the weather? We have got a perfect recipe for such a d ....
Mixed Sprouts Open Toast recipe
The Mixed Sprouts Open Toast looks very appealing with its dainty disc-like shape and appetizing toppings. Mixed sprouts perked up with chaat masala and other spice powders emerges as a real chatpata topping perfect for a cold or rainy day, while the abundance of protein, fibre, vitamins and antioxi ....
Toasted Mini Croutons, Used in Soups and Salads recipe
Croutons always make a serving of soup seem extra special! Not only that, it is also in vogue to serve croutons with a variety of dips as starters at parties
Carrot and Cheese Toast, Carrot and Cheese Fingers recipe
Grated carrot and cheese make fantastic toppings for toasted bread as they contrast beautifully with each other in colour and flavour, and fuse so beautifully with each other and with the toast when baked! The well-matched flavours of carrot and cheese are enhanced by the addition of a little ....
Pav Bhaji Toast, Toasted Pav Bhaji Recipe recipe
Sometimes ‘old wine is a new bottle’ can be trendy and successful! You will agree with us after trying this scrumptious Pav Bhaji Toast. The all-time favourite bhaji made of mashed potatoes, tomatoes and onions perked up with pav bhaji masala, is layered atop a slice of toasted bread, topped w ....
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