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Italian Vegetable Soup Recipe, Italian Soup Recipes

Italian Vegetable Soup Recipe. Italian Soup Recipes. Whether you wish to have a soup to start your meal, or a soup as the meal itself, you will find choices aplenty in the Italian repertoire. The Corn and Fusilli Soup is a pasta-based soup with an unmistakable Italian touch. If you are looking for a quick alternative, then you can make this soup in the microwave. The blend of soft pasta and crunchy corn makes it not only appetizing but, gives a unique mouthfeel on every bite.

इटैलियन सूप - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Italian Soups recipes in Hindi)
ઇટાલિયન સૂપ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Italian Soups recipes in Gujarati)

Italian MinestraItalian Minestra

Minestrone soup is known worldwide. The word grew out of "minestra" which means a broth, and the one thing all minestrones tend to have in common is that they are hearty vegetable soups. The best way to start a meal is to try the Italian Minestra, Baked Beans Soup with Cheese Balls or the Tomato, Cabbage and Bean Soup that employ herbs and tomatoes to achieve an aromatic Italian touch. In you go, to find a wealth of such soupy creations.

Italian Clear soup recipes

Mix Vegetable Clear Soup with Macaroni
Mix Vegetable Clear Soup with Macaroni

Clear soups are flavorful broth with loads of colorful, crunchy vegetables. The broth is lightly seasoned and may have a little pasta or it can be a thick, creamy and wholesome soup, sufficiently filling to make a meal. Delightful bowls of Clear Broccoli and Carrot Soup or the Mix Vegetable Clear Soup with Macaroni are not only easy to make but also, very tasty. You can use any vegetables of your choice or the ones available in your refrigerator to make these tonge-tickling Italian soup recipes.

Italian Cream soup recipes

Cream soups are thick soups made by blending together all the ingredients after boiling. For everyday living in Italy, the family's main meal often begins with bowls of hot "brodo" (broth). Lots of tomatoes, carrots and macaroni gives Herbed Tomato, Carrot and Macaroni Soup its unique velvety quality.

Cream Of Broccoli Soup, Veg Broccoli Soup RecipeCream Of Broccoli Soup, Veg Broccoli Soup Recipe

Leek and potato soup is another popular Italian soup. A garnish of parsley is the perfect touch to raise this soup to a high level of excellence, so don’t forget it!

Potato and broccoli are the most widely used vegetables in Italy. A luscious blend of herbs and potatoes simmered to make Herbed Potato Soup is another flavorful Italian soup you must try!

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Basil Spaghetti Soup recipe
This soup's ready in a jiffy and its full-bodied flavours emerge beautifully with each spoonful.
Almond Soup, Badam Soup, Badam Ka Soup recipe
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Cream Of Broccoli Soup, Veg Broccoli Soup Recipe recipe
cream of broccoli soup recipe | Indian style veg cream of broccoli soup | with amazing 22 images. Our cream of broccoli soup is an Indian style veg cream of broccoli soup.
Corn, Basil and Fusilli Soup recipe
A delicately flavoured soup.
Clear Broccoli and Carrot Soup recipe
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Minestrone recipe
Minestrone soup is the ideal way to start a hearty meal; alternatively it's so jam-packed with the goodness of vegetables that it could even serve as a whole meal by itself! You can also try other wholesome soups like Lentil and Vegetable Bro ....
Herbed Tomato, Carrot and Macaroni Soup recipe
An interesting combination of tangy tomatoes and crunchy carrots, perked up with oregano, this Herbed Tomato, Carrot and Macaroni Soup is sure to enthrall you with its unique texture and rich flavour. This soup has a very interesting mouth-feel, because the cooked vegetable mixture is not ground smo ....
Leek and Potato Soup, No Cream Indian Potato Leek Soup recipe
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Corn and Fusilli Soup ( Microwave Recipe ) recipe
Italian cuisine somehow has a very aesthetic and romantic appeal. Here is a light soup from the Italian repertoire that’s perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner with your sweetheart. The soup features a blend of textures including crunchy corn and soft pastas. The use of small pasta is crucial fo ....
Bean and Pasta Soup ( Italian Recipe) recipe
A dish with proud mediterranean origins, this soup is a winter warmer to be served with warm crusty bread and if you like, a slice of cheese. Instead of canned baked beans, you can also use navy (haricot) beans, soaked overnight and then pressure cooked until they are soft. The addition of cream to ....
Tomato, Cabbage and Bean Soup recipe
tomato cabbage and bean soup recipe | Indian cabbage and bean soup | best cabbage and bean soup | with step by step images. cabbage and bean soup with tomatoes is a veggie based soup simmer ....
Broccoli and Walnut Soup recipe
The Broccoli and Walnut Soup is a magic potion for strong bones! Vitamin C rich broccoli does wonders by enhancing protein absorption. Along with milk and walnuts, it also provides abundant calcium necessary for proper growth and development of bones. What is more, walnuts are also a great source of ....
Vegetable and Basil Soup, Healthy Diabetic Recipe recipe
vegetable and basil soup recipe | healthy fresh vegetable basil soup | veg basil soup with garlic for diabetes | Indian vegetable soup with basil | with 38 amazing images.
Mix Vegetable Clear Soup with Macaroni recipe
Clear soups are a great canvas to exercise your creativity. There is no strict rule about what can or cannot go into a clear soup – it depends completely upon your taste, availability of ingredients, and what you feel like having on that day! Nevertheless, some classic recipes like this Mixed ....
Corn and Fusilli Soup recipe
This sumptuous Corn and Fusilli Soup is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds, with the myriad flavours it garners from pungent ingredients like onions, garlic, assorted herbs, pepper and of course, tomatoes too! Laced mildly with the flavour of olive oil, this exotic soup deserves a generous garnish ....
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