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झट-पट मिठाई - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick Sweets recipes in Hindi)
ઝટ-પટ મીઠાઇ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick Sweets recipes in Gujarati)

Eggless Molten Lava Cake recipe
With its gooey, chocolatey, molten center, this famous cake is prepared within 5 minutes in a microwave. The burst of chocolate lava from the middle of the cake can melt any chocolate lover's heart!
Easy Bread Gulab Jamun recipe
This is so easy to make to impress surprise guests this Diwali.
Pineapple Seera/kesari recipe
If u do not get a tinned pineapple, u can make with the fresh riped one.

when using the fresh pineapple, cook with little water until it becomes soft and finally add to the seera.

even if seera/kesari is not your favourite, it becomes one when u make it with pineapple. try and enjoy!
Caramel and Walnut Chocolate recipe
Yummy, mouth watering chocolates.
Brazilian Corn Pudding recipe
Brazilian corn pudding is adapted from original brazilian recipe 'curau de milho' which is made during the brazilian festival 'festa junina' celebrated to give thanks to saint john for the rain. Since festa junina coincides with the corn harvest season, special dishes made with corn such as canjica ....
5 Portion Magic Cake recipe
Learnt this from my mom, she learnt it from her aunt. All time Favorite at home, my children love it.
Akhroti Mohan Thal recipe
This sweet dish usually served on special occasion like marriages,betrothal,festival days etc.
Ambaa Barfi recipe
A delicious sweet dish made using everyone's favourite mango!!
Apple Shrikhand recipe
Apple Shrikhand can be relished with puris or served as a dessert.
Apple Upside Down Cake recipe
An apple upside down cake is an elegant tea time treat
Banana Delight recipe
Desert thats is good for tummy and which will be liked by all age group. Easy and quick dessert for parties.
Banana Sheera recipe
This sheera is made from easily available fruit i. e. Banana. Enjoy!
Barley Mix recipe
Barley mix is a delectable and healthy mix of barley seeds or jau mixed with bananas,dates, raisins, cashewnuts and topped with honey.
Basboussa recipe
This is an egyptian sweet semolina cake and it is an eggless recipe.
Brown Velvet Dessert recipe
A fabulous dessert recipe with appealing looks and great taste, the Brown velvet dessert is as exotic as it sounds. A simple frozen dessert recipe, the dish has chocolate sauce at the bottom and then bread crumbs, sugar syrup, roasted almonds and fresh cream as topping in layers. A rich and delecta ....
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