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झट-पट मिठाई - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Quick Sweets recipes in Hindi)
ઝટ-પટ મીઠાઇ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Quick Sweets recipes in Gujarati)

Apple Upside Down Cake recipe
An apple upside down cake is an elegant tea time treat
Banana Delight recipe
Desert thats is good for tummy and which will be liked by all age group. Easy and quick dessert for parties.
Banana Sheera recipe
This sheera is made from easily available fruit i. e. Banana. Enjoy!
Barley Mix recipe
Barley mix is a delectable and healthy mix of barley seeds or jau mixed with bananas,dates, raisins, cashewnuts and topped with honey.
Basboussa recipe
This is an egyptian sweet semolina cake and it is an eggless recipe.
Brown Velvet Dessert recipe
A fabulous dessert recipe with appealing looks and great taste, the Brown velvet dessert is as exotic as it sounds. A simple frozen dessert recipe, the dish has chocolate sauce at the bottom and then bread crumbs, sugar syrup, roasted almonds and fresh cream as topping in layers. A rich and delecta ....
Cantaloupe Boats recipe
An appealing and healthy salad recipe, cantaloupe boat is a delicious dessert or fruit salad recipe. This appealing boat is made scooping out the melon pulp and using it as a boat to fill with assorted fruits, nuts and fresh cream.
Caramelo Pizza recipe
This recipe came into picture when we were making pizza at home. We brought 6 pizza bases for 5 of us. We prepared pizza with all the veggie toppings. It was very yummy indeed. But then our tummy was full and 1 pizza base was left over. I did not have the mood of having pizza again. So I started won ....
Cashew Fudge recipe
Enjoy this special sweet treat for the family on some special ocassion
Chishtis Kalakand recipe
A delicious recipe made so easy and quick! An instant dessert for your guests!
Chocochip Nutty Cookies recipe
Yummy and easy to make cookies. . . A treat for your kids!
Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls recipe
A famous snack in the US and Europe.
Chocolate Coconut Phirni with Walnuts recipe
Usually I make coconut phirni and chocolate phirni as two separate dishes.But on my daughter's birthday while making her favourite dish, an idea suddenly struck me what if I combine these two dishes. My husband and daughters liked it very much.
Chocolate Fondue With Potatoes recipe
Soft potatoes dipped in smooth chocolate a blessed combination.
Chocolate Shrikand recipe
This is best served chilled and is the fastest recipie any one has made.
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