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हल्के - फुल्के सलाद - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Light Salads recipes in Hindi)
હલ્કા-ફુલ્કા સલાડ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Light Salads recipes in Gujarati)

Pasta Salad with Rucola and Sun-dried Tomatoes recipe
Great, healthy and easy to prepare salad.
Plum Salad recipe
Plum salad is sweet fruit flavoured tossed over cold salad recipe with deseeded plum tossed with greens and a hint of flavourful dressings and herbs.
Poha Salad recipe
An easy to prepare nutritious and low in calories poha salad recipe is a perfect snack or starter recipe. Add a zing to the poha or flattened rice flakes salad with mint and coriander chutney and green chillies.
Roasted Corn and Kiwifruit Salad recipe
An excellent starter, light meal or main-course accompaniment.
Sprouted Methi Salad recipe
Fenugreek seeds helps to relieve colic pains .
it helps to increase milk in nursing mothers.
sprouts are highly nutritious
Sprouts Salad recipe
1.this salad tastes best when chilled. not use to many kind of sprouts.
Sprouts, Corn and Vegetable Salad recipe
A healthy combination of protein rich sprouted beans with fresh vegetables and energy giving sweet corn, the Sprouts, corn and vegetable salad adds a crunchy , tasty and nutritious punch to any meal.
Star Spring Salad recipe
Rarely used “Star Fruit” gives a very different sweet and tangy flavor to this salad. Best for kids if served as tiny lettuce wraps. Here it goes.
Summer Salad  By chica3578 recipe
Taste the salad before adding salt as the feta provides the "salt" in the salad.
great picnic salad... easy to prepare.
Summer Salad  By coolchinks recipe
This salad is medium in calories but is perfect to eat is summer
Summer Salad  By prithvisudiappu recipe
If green apple is not available use fiji apples
Sweet Healthy Mango Salad recipe
Its a healthy salad, using all fresh veggies,and fruits.
Sweet Potatoes with Honey recipe
Simple and filling recipe. Serve it as a salad or snack or dessert.
Tomato Salad  By setseeani recipe
Adda plate of Tomato salad with any meal, sandwiches or enjoy it simply as a snacking option in between meals and gather the health benefits of fresh crunchy vegetable.
Unique Methi Salad recipe
This is unique and healthy salad.
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