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शीरा - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Sheera recipes in Hindi)
શીરો / બરફી / હલવો - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Sheera recipes in Gujarati)

Besan ka Seera  By gachopra recipe
Besan ka seera is a North Indian sweet dish prepared from besan or gram flour cooked with sugar, ghee and spices like cardamom. A delicious dessert dish which can be served as a snack or after meal sweet!.
Besan ka Seera  By pkaur recipe
1. "besan ka seera" is good remedy for cold and running nose.
2. it is best to take it at night before sleeping.
3. the consistency can be changed by altering the amount of water. but if being consumed as a remedy, it is best to make it of thin consistency.
4. amount of sugar added can be a ....
Burfi recipe
A yummy indian dessert made of mawa, ghee and lots of sugar.
Cashewnut Burfi recipe
An Indian sweet made from cashewnuts mixed with sugar. An ideal dessert for special occasions.
Chocolate Burfi recipe
Quick and easy chocolate burfi recipe at The barfi is cooked with condensed milk, chocolate, sugar and crushed dry fruits. A special dessert for festivals and parties and a favorite among children for its delectable chocolate flavour.
Coconut Burfi recipe
A simple sweet dish recipe, the popular Coconut burfi is prepared by melting the ghee on a heavy bottomed pan and then adding the grated coconut , sugar and chopped cashews into it. Cut the coconut mixture into squares or diamond shapes and garnish with crushed cashew.
Corn Sheera In Tarts recipe
This is a sweet tart dessert filled with corn sheera and nuts.
Damrot recipe
Can add saffron after adding sugar and ghee.
add sugar after milk is entirely boiled and thicken with and mixed well with white pumpkin.
Figs & Dates Burfi recipe
Figs & Dates Burfi is a nutrient packed mouthwatering dessert recipe with figs or Anjeer cooked with dates and then served cut into small squares.
Green Peas Delight recipe
This is a quick recipe. The combination of green peas, condensed milk and cardommom is delicious and loved by all. Instead of using Gajar or Suji, I tried making the halwa with Green Peas and it turned out to be delicious! Green Peas have a wonderful texture, and health-promoting nutrients.
Green Peas Modak recipe
A very dainty white modaks with bright green filling will surely please our ganapati bapaji and family.
Healthy Burfi recipe
It's a very healthy burfi which you can prepare any time and give to your loved ones.Peanuts and sesame seeds give extremely nice flavor n bit of crunchiness.
Instant Almond Burfi recipe
Prepare the delicious Instant almond burfi instantly by mixing together the almond paste with sweetened and thickened milk or condensed milk, sugar and ghee.
Jewish Burfi  By rubykumar recipe
Tasty burfi made with thick coconut milk, milk and sugar. Delicious and sweet.
Kaju Anjeer Roll recipe
This is a complete dry fruit mithai that is the one which is usually seen in mithaiwala's shop decorated with silver foil
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