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शीरा - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Sheera recipes in Hindi)
શીરો / બરફી / હલવો - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Sheera recipes in Gujarati)

Khoa Burfi recipe
Use milk maid in the place of milk (half the quantity)
Khoya Burfi recipe
Khoya burfi is a traditional Indian mithai or sweet dish recipe with creamy rich khoya sweetened and then flavoured with badam, elaichi and served garnished with pista shavings.
Khus Khus ka Seera recipe
Be very careful while frying the poppy seeds while making it golden brown. don't make it to brown or else it won't taste good. thanks
Khus- Khus Besan Sheera recipe
Khus-Khus Besan Sheera, poppy seeds are usually used to add a nutty flavour and texture to breads, cakes, naans etc. or to thicken and flavour vegetable preparations. Here the khus-khus along with besan, milk and sugar transforms into a delicious sheera with an exclusive flavour and aroma.
Lal Gajar Ka Halva recipe
This is good desert can be enjoyed by all.
Maida Burfi recipe
Delicious and easy to make burfi made with maida and lots of ghee. A yummy indian dessert.
Mango Burfee recipe
The season for mangoes is here. Mangoes are rich in beta- carotene which is converted to vitamin – a in our body. It is also rich in vitamin – c.
Mango Burfi  By beetasoni recipe
Khoya should be fresh & mangoes should be sweet
Mango Burfi  By shahreema recipe
Tasty, quick and healthy mango burfi recipe at The barfi is cooked with condensed milk, mango puree, sugar and crushed dry fruits. A special dessert for festivals and parties and a favorite among children for its delectable fresh mango flavour.
Microwave Atta ka Sheera recipe
Atta ka sheera is a simple and traditional sheera or sweet dish recipe prepared by cooking together the roasted wheat flour, ghee and sugar. Relish the sheera with chopped nuts as garnish.
Milk Burfi recipe
Milk burfi is an instant sweet dish recipe with the milk curdled by use of lime juice and then the paneer extracted is cooked with sugar, milk powder and blanched nuts. Garnish the flat milk burfi with pista shavings.
Milk Khoya Burfi recipe
Tickle your sweet tooth with the healthy calcium rich Milk khoya burfi which is made so easy with this simple burfi recipe. Add sugar, almonds, elaichi powder and khoya to the freshly prepared chenna or curdled milk and shape in small squares.
Milkcake recipe
A sweet and rich cake made with sweetened milk.
Moong Dal Delight recipe
This dessert is full of calcium, energy with a different taste of sheera and paneer!
Peach Halva recipe
Peach halwa is a peach flavored mouth watering sweet dish prepared from grated peach fruit slices cooked with sugar, mava and spices like cardamom. A delicious dessert dish which can be served as a snack or after meal sweet! Peach halwa is a popular dessert served on special ocassions, garnished wi ....
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