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डिप्स् / सॉस - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Dips / Sauces recipes in Hindi)
ડીપ્સ્ / સૉસ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Dips / Sauces recipes in Gujarati)

Choclate Sauce for Topping Of Icecream recipe
Chocolate sauce are most suitable on vanilla ice-cream with praline
Chocolate Fondue recipe
Let your guests serve themselves by dipping fruit, marshmallow or cake pieces in the hot mixture.
adjust the quantity of cocoa according to its strength.
Cream Cheese Dip recipe
Cream Chees Dip is a spiced up creamy dip made from cream cheese.
Creamy Dill Dip recipe
Goes well with brown bread/ garlic bread / wheat bread.
Curd Dip recipe
Add a cooling and delicious Curd Dip as side dish or accompaniment to any meal or snack. The curd is whipped till creamy and thick and then spiced up with mustard powder and chopped vegetables.
Curd dip with veg sticks recipe
Will be great if the curd is cold
Dill Leaves Dip recipe
The versatile Dill Dip is a classic party dip prepared with fresh dill leaves, lemon and shallots,Perfect for a bread bowl
Fresh Mango Salsa recipe
Stays fresh for 3-4 days if refrigerated.
Fruit Dip Recipes recipe
A recipe of making various fruity dips by altering the main fruit in every recipe. Sweet and delectible.
Fruit Fondue recipe
kaala chana or black chickpeas are cooked in a tasty recipe, Kaala chana curry. An Indian spicy recipe of chickpeas cooked in a tasty onion based gravy. Relish with fried breads(poories) or rice.
Garlic Dip recipe
Garlic dip is hot and spicy dip made with garlics and other spices mixed together.
Green and Gold Kiwifruit Salsa recipe
It is a very very different type of salsa made from green and gold kiwifruit and can be served with corn tortilla chips.
Green Garlic Mayonnaise recipe
Spring is a wonderful season, for it brings us rare treats such as green garlic ..... Green garlic has a milder flavour compared to dried ones, I have made use of this wonderful ingredient to make make delicious Green Garlic Mayonnaise.
Green Peas Spread recipe
A healthy colourful and creamy spread.
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