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डिप्स् / सॉस - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Dips / Sauces recipes in Hindi)
ડીપ્સ્ / સૉસ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Dips / Sauces recipes in Gujarati)

Soup Powder Dip recipe
A tasty dip made with powder of soup. Serve with chips or veggies.
Sour Cream Dip recipe
Very good with khubuz (arabic bread) and fresh or grilled vegetables.
Spring Onion Dip recipe
Add chopped spring onions, garlic and sugar together to prepare the Spring onion dip. Refrigerate the spring onions dip and use as accompaniment to any main course meal, starter or spread on sandwiches.
Sprouted Methi Dip recipe
1.this dip is a good low-calorie dip ideal as an accompaniment to puri or vada
2. can even be used as a spread on crisp dosas
3.ideal for diabetic patients if used with less oil and without jaggery.
Sweet - Sour Sauce recipe
This sauce forma an excellent base for vegetable dishes
Sweet N Spicy Dip recipe
Add the salt just before serving.
chill it for sometime.
Tangy Cucumber Dip recipe
This recipe will last for three to four days.

its a dip which can be used with fried vegetables , chicken fingers , fish fingers ,potato chips, etc...
Tangy Garlic Dip recipe
Always use fresh curd for the right taste. mix could also add a dash of very finely chopped green chillies to make the dip spicy.
Tofu Cream Cheese recipe
A creamy blend of ground tofu, cashew butter, whole cashews and added with lemon juice and salt.
Tomato Cheese Dip recipe
Serve tangy, delicious and easy to prepare tomato cheese dip as a tasty accompaniment or side dish with french fries, nachos, tacos, sandwiches,chips or khakhras. Find many interesting dip recipes, cheese recipes and tomato cheese sauce recipe at Share your favorite dip recipe online ....
Tomato Ketchup  By Foodie #57270 recipe
A simple recipe to prepare tomato ketchup at home with fresh tomatoes and spices cooked together.
Tomato sala recipe
Make fresh....
Tulsi Makhani recipe
Tulsi Makhani is different from other makhanis as basil leaves lends a classic, aromatic touch to it. Is this makhani a delightful dip, sauce or gravy? Use it as you like. It's great with starters like tikkis, paneer tikkas, kebabs, patty and more. A super gravy, just dump in your favourite ....
Warm Corn Dip recipe
A tangy and spicy dip made with corn kernels and different coloured bell peppers mixed with cheese and mayonnaise and some spices.
Yummy Dip recipe
A simple and quick dip. . Yet delicious to be enjoyed chilled with wafers and chips of your choice.
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