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लो कॅल अचार / सॉस / चटनी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Low Cal Pickles/ Sauces / Chutneys recipes in Hindi)
લો કૅલરીવાળા અથાણાં / સૉસ / ચટણી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Low Cal Pickles/ Sauces / Chutneys recipes in Gujarati)

Adrak Chutney recipe
A spoonful of adrak chutney makes for a lovely side dish, dip or accompaniment recipe. Adrak or ginger is good for digestive and respiratory complaints and hence this chutney made from crushed adrak or ginger should feature in your menu.
Aamla-adrak –ka- namkeen murabba recipe
Useful because of vitamin c in amla.warm because of ginger.digestive,warm and tasty.
always keep in your kitchen stock.keeps away from cold and indigestion.
you may add a little roasted ajwain and black salt to make ot more effective home remedy.
Chana Chutney recipe
A delicious spicy chutney best served with rice or parathas. . This is a innovative combination of chana, coconut and chillies.
Chatpate karonde recipe
1.saute as per your your taste.crunchier the better
Chennadal Chutny: for Diabetics recipe
Chana dal or Bengal gram is a healthy and calcium rich lentil choice for all and this Chennadal chutney: for diabetics is a simple and convenient way of adding health on your platter.
Chilli Chutney  By Sgambhir recipe
Discover how to prepare spicy chilli chutney with green chillies, garlic, salt, lime juice and spices. Relish the chilli chutney as topping, dip or marinade.
Currey Leaves Chutney recipe
You can eat this chutney with meduvada or sada dosa. A delicious tangy chutney easy to make. .
Dal Chutney recipe
Dal chutney is an innovative recipe of grinding roasted dals along with salt, chillies, tamarind and sugar. A sweet and spicy chutney recipe which is best paired with fried snacks or can also be simply enjoyed as a accompaniment with any main course.
Dhaniya Chutney recipe
Dhaniya chutney can be served as an accompaniment for many dishes like for chaat, kebabs, cutlets, sandwiches, etc. . You can add little groundnuts or coconut while grinding the chutney, it will just make it little milder and add it to the taste.
Ginger and Garlic Chutney recipe
A tangy sour chutney made ginger and garlic. . You can also add tamarind to make this more tangy and sour!
Instant Tomato- Garlic Chutney recipe
This is a very quick, easy and yummy dish for the busy bees of today!! this goes well with plain rice, chapattis, dosa or even idlis. Enjoy this delicious tangy chutney!
Kaara Chutney recipe
A delicious sweet and tangy chutney recipe!
Karele ki Sukhi Sabzi recipe
This is a popular havyaka dish and very good for rainy season. This is a traditional recipe which i have learnt from my mom.
Karivaepaku Podi recipe
Karivaepaku podi is a traditional south indian chutney recipe with the fried curry leaves ground with dhania, jeera, garlic and tamarind extact. Enjoy the podi with a little ghee along with hot rice.
Laal Mirch ki Chutney recipe
This recipe tastes nice with any indian snacks, dhokla, poha etc. Tastes nice with dal and rice.
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