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तले हुए नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Deep-fried Starters recipes in Hindi)
તળેલા હલકા નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Deep-fried Starters recipes in Gujarati)

Schezwan Balls recipe
Schezwan Balls is a hot and spicy recipe of deep fried balls made of bread soaked in schezwan sauce.
Shahi Murgh Pakoras recipe
Corn pakodas are gram flour coated bhutta or corn pakoda recipe. The cooked and mashed corns are coated with spiced besan batter and deep fried to create an innovative ,corn pakoda recipe. Serve corn pakodas on a rainy day with a hot cup of tea.
Shahi Shuruaat Kebab recipe
A delicious and elaborate snack..perfect to start an Indian party!
Sindhi Chillies recipe
Addition of Dosa batter gives a nice texture to the paste. if you do not have it , omit .
Sindhi Pakore recipe
The crispy Sindhi pekoe with the typical sweet and spicy taste is an amazingly simple and delightful tea time snack recipe. The chopped onions, anardana and other ingredients are coated with besan batter and the dropped into hot oil.
Snake Gourd Rings recipe
A crispy snack prepared using snake gourd.
Southy Fritters recipe
Southy Fritters, a South Indian's main ingredients use make a fried dumplings. It is best served with coconut chutney.
Soya Cheese Samosa recipe
This is a traditional dish with some twist in its filling.It is widely used on the occasion of Diwali as the dumpling can be prepared in advance to avoid last minute hassle when guest comes. It is a melt in mouth snack with cheese filling.
Soya Chuny Pakodas recipe
Chunky soya based pakodas made using soya granules and whole wheat flour...truly delicious!
Soya Crunchies recipe
This recipe is a great combination of green paste and soya granules
Soya Samosa  By jalebi recipe
Devour an innovative and mouthwatering soya samosa as a protein rich healthy snack. The samosa strips or patties are stuffed with soya granules and deep fried. An amazing concept of fried samosa with a spicy savory soya granules as filling.
Soya Samosa  By smitathecook recipe
India's most popular snack or appetizer , samosa is prepared with an innovative filling in soya samosa. An easy to prepare recipe at home, soya samosa is delicious. The deep fried patties with cooked soya granules and spices can be prepared in various shapes and sizes. Share and recommend samosa rec ....
Soyabean Vada recipe
Soyabean vada is a novel recipe of creating savory crispy balls (vadas) from protein dense soybeans. Enjoy delicious soya bean vada with spicy tomato chutney or green coriander chutney.
Spicy and Tangy Pea Crescents recipe
`SPICY N TANGY PEA CRECENTS` can be served as a `Farsan ` for Gujarti Menu or as a `Starter` or `Evening Snacks` or with a bowl of `Soup`. They are tangy-spicy and delicious.
Spicy Bajra Ajwain Pakodas recipe
A traditional Pakoda recipe usually prepared during monsoons at my place. Ajwain and Bajara together makes an excellent combination. ‘SPICY BAJARA-AJWAIN PAKODAS‘ served with fresh curds and green chutney can be asked for nothing else.
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