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तले हुए नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Deep-fried Starters recipes in Hindi)
તળેલા હલકા નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Deep-fried Starters recipes in Gujarati)

Tasty Fried Baby Corn recipe
This dish can be served as a starter dish in party. You can also adjust spiciness according to ypur taste.
Tasty Punjabi Samosa recipe
One of the most popular snack or starter is punjabi samosa, is easy to prepare at home with this samosa recipe. Serve the punjabi samosa with chole, imli chutney and beaten curd to satisfy your spicy palate.
Tasty Rice Croquettes recipe
Tasty rice croquettes are deep fried and crunchy croquettes made from leftover rice mixed with chopped coriander, chillies and spices.
Three In One Samosas recipe
See that the outer covering rotis are soft and do not dry before making samosas
Til Kaju Wale Paneer Pakode recipe
Add taste to your mundane evenings with these easy-to-make delicious pakodas. The combination of luscious paneer and crunchy kaju will appeal to every foodie's taste buds. Paneer enhances the richness quotient of our preparation. Bread is used as a binder to mix all the ingredients well. Ajwain give ....
Tiny Tikkis recipe
Tiny tikkis have a healthy ratio of protein and carbs. Minimal but interesting spices. Very small preparation time. You can serve while you are making it. My grandnephew and my nephew back from college were hungry and wanted something chapata. I had soaked moong dal ready in the fridge and also a pa ....
Tofu Roll recipe
It is an easy version of spring rolls. It is blended with chinese vegetables and schewan sauce.
Tomato Bajjis recipe
Enjoy the crispiness of deep fried Tomato bajjis, prepared by dipping the tomato slices in besan and rice flour based batter with green chutney as tea time snack or to liven up a cloudy rainy day.
Tori ka Bhajiya recipe
This bhajiya is very simple to make with ingredients available at home. Only you have to bring ridge gourd(tori) from the market.
Veg  Soya Kebab recipe
Veg Soya Kebab, soya and urad dal based kebab, deep fried and serve hot with green chutney.
Veg Gold Coin recipe
Veg Gold coin is an innovative crispy vegetable snack recipe which resembles a gold coin. The appealing golden colour derived from deep frying the breads topped with a mixture of potatoes and vegetable make for a mouthwatering snack item.
Veg Snacks On Toothpicks recipe
Veg snacks on toothpicks is a crispy fried vegetable snack recipe which makes for a perfect starter or cocktail snack item. The vegetables like capsicum and tomatoes and paneer cubes are threaded together on a toothpick, dipped in a batter and deep fried.
Vegetable Croquettes recipe
A snack prepared using Vegetables like potato, carrot and beetroot.
Vegetable Kebabs recipe
Vegetable Kebabs, are vegetable mixed with seasoning and binded with besan and deep fried. These kebabs can be served as starters with lots of salad and tomato ketchup
Vegetable Spring Roll  By rubi recipe
Enjoy the Chinese cuisine inspired, Vegetable Spring rolls recipe, prepared with a mix of vegetables which are cooked in a traditional sweet and sour sauce and filled in the rolls. Find crispy chicken spring roll recipe and many more snack recipe, starter recipe at
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