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योजना से बने नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Snack, Starters with little planning recipes in Hindi)
યોજના થી બનતા નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Snack, Starters with little planning recipes in Gujarati)

Healhy Paneer Cones recipe
These cones are easy to make and very tasty only one cone give enough protein and and calcium to your kids
Italian Papadi Pizza Chaat recipe
Italian Papadi Pizza Chaat is a desi-Italian fusion delight. Chaat papadis are topped with cheese, red pasta, olives and Jalapenos and baked with a sprinkling of chaat masala for just 30 seconds. This pizza chaat with bubbly cheese is a great party snack that is sure to please your guests.
Lahsun Ke Patte Ke Cheele recipe
This recipe is a famous Maharashtrian recipe. Garlic leaves cheele made in cold days just tastes delicious.
Mango Pani Puri recipe
Pani puri is always mouth watering.this time i try with mango and lots of mangoes.
Masala Bread Idli recipe
Though idli is a common breakfst in south india, children usually do not like it. Recipe like this can be served as a tea-time snack or even as a tasty breakfast item.
Mashed potatoes recipe
Can add cheese,herbs,roasted and crushed garlic,etc.
Monsoon Treat recipe
Another monsoon treat..made simple and delicious!
Moong Dal Ke Samose recipe
Samosas made using moong dal. . . Samosas with a difference!
National Flag recipe
This has a nice, sour, sweet, chilly flavour, if
cucumber is not available then u may have to do
it with just mixing a little cream with the colour
and make a design if time permits
Noodles Pizza recipe
I have Prepared a pizza that is made from noodles. The taste is very good of this pizza .For making this noodles pizza. I spread boil noodles on the pan than spread the veggies over and at last top with cheese .
Pancake Chaat recipe
A perfect chaat dish for kids, healthy and tasty. It can be served as a snacks or the starters.
Paneer Noodles recipe
Hot and spicy noodles with Thai touch.
Paneer Stuffed Moong Dal Rolls recipe
A filling snack loved by kids and adults alike. Although butter adds to the calories but indulging in seldomly is no harm.
Pineapple and Cheese Cubes Starter recipe
Make sure the cheese does not get melted and sticky so you must work fast. Keep a box of toothpicks at home for these quick starters.
Pitla Vadi recipe
This is one of our favorite recipe try it out,
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