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मनोरंजन के लिए नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Snacks for Entertaining recipes in Hindi)
મનોરંજન માટેના નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Snacks for Entertaining recipes in Gujarati)

Three In One Samosas recipe
See that the outer covering rotis are soft and do not dry before making samosas
Tofu and Walnuts Stuffed Mushroom recipe
Here is an exotic tossed over recipe, the Tofu and walnuts stuffed mushroom to entice your guests on gatherings and parties. The mushrom buttons are stuffed with a filling made from crumbled tofu, spring onions and walnuts and then baked till crispy done.
Tofu Roll recipe
It is an easy version of spring rolls. It is blended with chinese vegetables and schewan sauce.
Tomato and Cheese Skews recipe
An amazing skewed vegetable recipe, tomato and cheese skew simply melts in your mouth. A delectable recipe of paneer and tomatoes marinated in a creamy delightful mix of mayonnaise, cheese,pepper, garlic etc and then grilled on a skewer. A perfect vegetarian barbeque dish to be relished on a summer ....
Tomato Stater recipe
Tomato starter is a delightfully simple but an outstanding chutney recipe with tomatoes which can also be enjoyed as curry with steamed rice.. The ginger, onion and garlic are made into paste and then added to tomatoes along with chillies, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Toothpick Khandvi recipe
Toothpick Khandvi is a traditional gujarati dish made from besan. A delicious snack or starter for parties.
Twisted Ragi Dosa recipe
Crispy and tasty savoury crepes, served with chutneys on the side.
Veg  Idli recipe
Veg idli, leftover idlis sauteed with veggies and sauces make an interesting snack.
Veg Gold Coin recipe
Veg Gold coin is an innovative crispy vegetable snack recipe which resembles a gold coin. The appealing golden colour derived from deep frying the breads topped with a mixture of potatoes and vegetable make for a mouthwatering snack item.
Vegatable Rice Pizza recipe
A delicious crisp pizza recipe!
Vegetable Bajra Cutlet recipe
Bajra is one the most common grains consumed widely in rural India, and is often referred to as the poor man’s staple food with multiple health benefits.
Vegetable Spring Roll  By rubi recipe
Enjoy the Chinese cuisine inspired, Vegetable Spring rolls recipe, prepared with a mix of vegetables which are cooked in a traditional sweet and sour sauce and filled in the rolls. Find crispy chicken spring roll recipe and many more snack recipe, starter recipe at
Vegetable Spring Rolls  By deepajhaveri recipe
Vegetable Spring rolls recipe with a mix of vegetables cooked in a typical Chinese sweet and sour sauce and filled in the rolls. Find crispy vegetable spring roll recipe and many more snack recipe, starter recipe at
Vegetable Stuffed Upma Cutlet - A Zero Oil Snack recipe
A very healthy and easy to digest recipe made using without any oil.
Vegetables Dhokla recipe
Vegetable Dhokla is delicious snack, quick and easy to make. Colourful and crunchy vegetables transform the simple dhoklas into a special one.My family just loves them .....I am sure your family and friends will love and devour them too.
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